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The following questions were asked by a few of our friends in Minneapolis, Minnesota

What concrete steps are you taking in achieving your ministry goals especially in regards to the Children's Homes?
There are a couple of ways that we are doing this. One is, all the proceeds from our newest album "Afrique" go towards the purchasing of homes that will host AIDS orphans. We also have people that support us monthly and all that money goes into an account just for the homes. Lastly, when we have some excess money over our budget which doesn't happen much, but when it does we put that money in that same account for the homes.

Why are you in the US instead of being in Kenya where the real need is?
Milele was formed in the US which has become our base. Some of us are still in school which makes us stay here at least for the next few years. Our eventual goal however is to relocate back home.

What do you do off stage that identifies you as a ministry?
Most of the stuff we do offstage is what makes us a partnering with nine different organizations that we help in fundraising and creating awareness for. We are also undertaking different ventures like the Kibera project please refer to the home page for that.

Who and how are you supported and who are you accountable to?
Most of our support comes from different churches and organizations...this is primarily through our performances and CD sales. As for accountability, we are run by a board of directors who we are accountable to.

When are you coming out with your next album? Is it going to be like Afrique?
We are planning on recording another album end of this year and beginning of next year. We've sort of settled in our niche which would be in line with Afrique.

The following questions were asked by a few of our friends in Atlanta, Georgia.

What do you do for fun?
Kaima: Chill with a good book - Last book read: World views in Conflict.
Harry: What is that? I'm learning how to play guitar and tennis and every now and then will try my hand at golf.
Christian: Socialize.

Last movie watched at the theaters?
Kaima: Crash
Harry: I don't has been that long
Christian: Crash

What is your favorite scent?
Kaima: Rosewood
Harry: Vanilla
Christian: I don't know

Favorite ice cream?
Kaima: Butter Pecan
Harry: Butter Pecan and Pecan prailine
Christian: I don't like ice cream

Favorite type of food?
Kaima: Indian
Harry: Indian
Christian: Indian

What is playing in my MP3/MD player?
Kaima: Hugh Masekela
Harry: Wes Welenga
Christian: DJ Moz mix

What makes you laugh?
Kaima: Witty humor
Harry: Watching others
Christian: Silly jokes like Mark and Helen

Are you a morning or night person?
Kaima: Night owl
Harry: Used to be a night owl but now I'm liking waking up early
Christian: Night owl

Posted on Thursday, May 26th 2005 at 7:00 p.m.

Are you guys married? Significant others?
We would assume this one is from a girl....Well so far, none are married, hopefully we'll be hearing wedding bells soon. As for seeing anyone????? hmmmm.... for the safety of the significant others we'll decline to answer that.

What genre is Milele's music and why do you make such diverse music?
This is a question we seem to be asked quite often. We made up our own genre that we call "contemporary gospel with African sounds and rhythms." I guess this gives us the liberty to play any style of music we choose. In the same token, we seek to develop this genre more and more. WHY? Two things come to mind, one is that God has blessed us with the ability to make different styles of music. We are very different individuals and like very different styles of music. Secondly, the Christian faith is so diverse with people from all different parts of the world and all walks of life and we would like to reach them with the truth of the saving power of Jesus Christ and music is the tool that we've chosen to use.

How do you know what genre to play at different venues?
We try to be very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit hence choosing songs that would be appropriate to our diverse audiences.

What is in the near future for Milele?
We have a few projects that we are working on; A live recording concert on DVD, Afrique - African music compilation with about five new songs and a brand new website. Our two year goal plan is to build an AIDS Orphanage in Kenya, preferably somewhere close to Nairobi. We all know there is such a great need in Kenya and we would like to do something tangible like that. We know it is a drop in the ocean but that is the least we can do.

How do you handle being around each other all the other time especially on tour?
(Sometimes we strangle each other) just kidding. We've known each other for a long time (20 years) and have learned to tolerate each other. Kaima always says that it is like we are married to each other so we can't leave.

Who does all your music, design, photographs and website?
We are truly blessed with some gifted young men (even you Bob.) Of course we can't forget to thank the women behind them because it is truly them that we should be thanking. Design: Daniel Peterson who owns Artesian Design Group ( does all the designs for Milele, from the Logo, Business Cards, CD's, Newsletter, Posters, pretty much everything apart from the website. His wife Cindy, is the money collector and with her Marketing skills has really helped us a bunch. Photographs: Bob Valdez is a master and takes the cleanest pictures. He has taken most of our photographs since Milele's inception...there are some pictures that y'all need to see....truly there have been a lot of changes. On the Live Recording Concert one of our new friend's Chris Ward also took some pictures. Website: Mr. Ryan Belong who owns Studio 3-G ( is the man behind the website. Music: lastly but surely not least is the man himself Steve Jean ( We've worked with Steve since 2000, recorded Forever and Level Up with him and looking forward to many more albums. On Level Up we also worked with Patrick Woodland.

Instead of building your own AIDS orphanage why don’t you partner with someone else who has one?
We actually partner with different organizations that have AIDS orphanages in Africa namely The Shepherd’s home, Outreach to Africa, Grace Evangelical Mission, Providence Children’s home and Empowering Lives International. There are an estimated 4 million children orphaned by AIDS in Kenya….we all have to do something no matter how little because World Vision, Compassion International and World Health Organization can’t do it on their own.

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