Tour Blog 2005


December Gigs

Thur., 22 - Arrival in Nairobi, Kenya
We arrived in Kenya on the 22nd to a warm welcome of Kenyan sausages and coffee at the airport thanks to Megan White, who set up a picnic right at the parking lot. By the time Kanjii had come to pick us up, an hour later (see what friends we have?), we had been treated to a hearty breakfast. Kenya has been fun. We've recorded a TV show called VIPI, and attended and performed at Mashariki Church with Pastor Gowi, a longtime friend. It was such a nice time on Christmas Eve. I'd forgotten how Kenyans can dance. Oh my goodness, too much fun! On Christmas Day we attended a service at Nairobi Baptist and had a wonderful time there. They have an amazing new sanctuary; maybe we should hold our CHANGE 2006 concert there (just hinting). Thanks to Pastor Mulandi who apparently did not take dance classes at seminary school like me. We love the family at Nairobi Baptist (or "Bapo", as it is commonly known here).

Kenya is amazing though Mandera in northern Kenya is going through a famine. We plan on donating food to to this cause during our January 7th concert. If you are in Kenya, please, please help in this, and if you are abroad, just log onto and make a donation through our store page. We need to stand with our friends in this place. For more info on the famine, please see or Love and blessings from Nairobi, Kenya.


Sat., 17 - Orange Hills Assembly Church, CA
We have formed  a friendship with Orange Hills assembly and we spent some time sharing in song at the church a day before we left for kenya, though it was evident that our christmas carol skills still leave alot to be desired we had fun with the people who were there, even Stephanie the girl who beat Harry at basketball sometime back. Click Here for some pictures.


Sat., 10 - "Freedom from Hunger" Kibera Benefit Walk
Anyone from Kenya may remember the "freedom from hunger walk". Well, we in L.A. decided to revive it after I went home and experienced how people in a slum area called Kibera live on almost nothing, and some boys feed 100 families a week with $50. As a result a friend,  Ciiru Mbaria, took the initiative to organize a walk that will raise some money to assist these boys in their project. Please keep looking at our website for more info on the next one. The first one was an experience you don't want to miss. Thanks to all who came out, even for Carol and Franko who cheated all the way. Kabuks: thanks for bringing KD on, she must have loved it. Ciiru: God bless for a job well done.


Click here to view pictures of the walk.

Thur., 01 - World AIDS Day, AIDS Services Foundation and Saddleback Church
We had a great evening that started off in Santa Ana at a candlelight  vigil hosted by the Orange County AIDS Services Foundation. They  invited us to do a few songs as they remembered those who had passed  away from the AIDS pandemic this year in Orange County.

Shortly after that we headed south to Saddleback Church which was concluding a
three-day AIDS conference that drew about 1700 people  from all over the world. The event concluded with a concert featuring some of the  biggest names in the Christian music industry: Tommy Walker, Lincoln  Brewster, Tait, Out of Eden, Jimmy Wayne, David Pack, LA Symphony,  Justin Adams, Rick Muchow and Wynonna Judd. The house band comprised of  Abe Laboriel, Vinnie Colaiuta, Paul Jackson Jr., and Tom Brooks who were simply unreal. I was thinking afterwards while heading back to the  bachelor pad how cool it was playing with all these people that we just  see on TV, hear on radio, and read about in magazines and newspapers. Click here for some pictures with the superstars.

November Gigs

Tue., 29 - Christian and Kaima's Crib, Stanton CA
Now that I'm back with a bang here are some pictures Nimo took of the 8:00 and 11:00 am services at West Angeles Church of God in Christ on Sunday, October 09. Click Here to view the pictures.

Sun., 20 - First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, CA
Hey....I'm baaaaaack...did you miss me? I have many reasons (excuses really) why I've been slacking on my job but I'll not bore you with all the details. On Sunday we played at the EV Free in Fullerton which was a neat experience. Pastor Dale Burke said something that stayed with me about "the church being the church." This was in reference to a partnership between EV Free, World Relief and local churches in the Great Lakes Region which is comprised of Burundi, Congo and Rwanda. A lot of times we view a relationship like this as the American Church helping the African church but that is not the case because it is a two-way relationship where both parties are benefiting. In our song "Simunye" (We are one in Zulu) the chorus lyrics are, "We are one heart, we can change the world, we are one church, Simunye." There really isn't an American Church and an African Church. There is only one Church and when we function correctly we work as one church whether some people meet under a tree in Turkana, Kenya or a stone building in Stoughton, Wisconsin.

September Gigs

Mon., 26 - Hope Christian High School Chapels, Albuquerque NM
Isaac and I stayed an extra day in Albuquerque to play at the Hope Christian High School..... We had a wonderful time singing and dancing with the kids and to top it off approximately 40-50 kids gave their lives to Christ at both chapels. I got some emails from some of the kids and some parents and truly God did some amazing stuff in their lives.

After the chapel we were invited to do some news anchoring at one of the broadcasting classes. I've always wanted to do that....When we get a copy of the video, I'll see if we can put it up on our website for you guys to was pretty hillarious. See you next year Hope Christian High School.

Sun., 25 - Concert at the park, Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque NM
We had a great concert last night and about 500 people came out. One of the things I enjoy is reading people's emails to us after attending our concerts and here is a great one from Jerome......


I just wanted to say thank you very much for the inspiring show last night at Calvary-Albuquerque.  It’s so wonderful to hear what Milele has to say through your beautiful music. I hope to one day adopt a child through your program, possibly one day volunteer. It is concerts like Milele that really inspire people to do more about issues outside of America.

It is a breath of fresh air to experience what God is doing in the lives of others. Thank you again and good luck in all of your travels. God Bless!

Jerome Aigner.

P.S. I'm expecting some pictures soon which I'll post up.

Sun., 25 - Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque Services, NM
To watch a taping of one of the services Click Here. Scroll down to service date 9/25/05, title: Class II: History the church of Smyrna. Click on the monitor icon to watch the service. The song we did comes after the baby dedications before the sermon by Pastor Pete. Happy viewing.

Fri., 23 - Calvary Chapel Men's Retreat, Glorieta Conference Center, NM
Last night we got to play for about 300 men at a men's retreat. Hearing 300 men singing Simunye was unreal (I like using this word). After that we played at a coffee shop at the conference center which was a lot of fun.

I don't have any pictures to show you because Christian went home (Kenya) with our digital camera. Please pray for his family as they mourn the loss of their grandmother.

Sun., 18 - The Way of Salvation Church, Kalihi HI
They really do know how to do church at The Way of Salvation for a second there I thought I was in a Kenyan church. The pastor who is 95 years old even got down with us in Faya.....truly unbelievable. We all had an awesome time. Click Here to view pictures of the service.

Sun., 18 - The River Church, Makakilo HI
I love seeing young people like us serving God in whatever capacity and The River Church has a lot of those. They don't have their own facility yet and so every Sunday morning they have to set up and tear down. It was really neat just seeing everyone help out. I love churches where they feed you after the service......(just a side note to all the churches that want to invite us). The Pastor and His wife are from South Africa which was a great connection with us. Click Here to view some pictures taken by our friend Tim.

Fri., 16 - Word of Life Center, Honolulu HI
Our visit to Hawaii was definitely one of the most humbling trips we've ever had because of witnessing so many people come to the Lord either for the first time or in rededication. Here is a testimony of what happened on this particular evening. Thank you Denise for sharing it.

Hi Guys,    
I pray this testimony touches you as much as it has touched me. Today, I bought a friend to see you guys perform at Word of Life. In leu of this I had prayed that it would bring her back to the Lord. Instead I got blessed twice. Your music spoke to her and she rededicated herself to the Lord.

I was not prepared to see what I had seen and it broke me down. Our son Sean is very strong willed like his Mom and no matter how much I talked with him about accepting Jesus into his life he has made it very clear to me that he did not need to do it in front of others. He believes that his relationship with God is his personal time and he did not need to tell others or embarrass himself by walking up to the altar. Tonight he has done the very thing he chose not to do, accept Jesus into his life and dance in front of others while holding his hands up praising God.

I am beyond words that describes the way I feel. I have prayed for this day and to finally see it happen has made me the most Happiest Mom on earth. I Thank God for your Ministry and your walk of Faith in going to different cities to spread the Good News about Jesus through your Music. Thank you guys so much for reaching out to many while promoting Aids awareness. I pray that this testimony is confirmation that your Ministry is changing lives all over. Mahalo nui Loa Harry, Christian, Isaac and Kaima.

I will continue to pray and lift your Ministry in prayer.                                                            <><      In Him, Denise 

Thur., 15 - St. Andrews Priory School for Girls, Honolulu HI
Mrs. Betty Ito saw us play at New Hope Leeward on Sunday and invited us to her second grade class since they have been learning about Africa. So we went there on Thursday morning and Mr. Christian did a great job at teaching the kids about Africa, AIDS and the infamous chicken dance....the kids had a blast.....

So after a long time of trying to play our AIDS video on about three different computers and a DVD player it finally worked on the fourth was interesting listening to these kids respond to what they were watching. You could hear one of them ask what was wrong with the kids on the video and another kid would respond that they are sick....another would ask about a man on a bed with full blown AIDS and yet another kid would respond in, "that is so sad that they are sick...." Sometimes I wish that we 'older kids' would be moved by stuff like that and respond in a different way than we do."

I think the most interesting observation of the visit was the response to one picture frame that had a healthy baby on a cot/crib...... this is how you know that all women have a biological clock in them even at seven when you hear aaahhhh's and ooooohhhh's ring throughout the room.

Click Here to view pictures that our friend Tim took.

Sun., 11 - New Hope Leeward, Waipahu, Oahu - 7,8,9,10 and 11am services.
Our Day: (My girlfriend, Sara will love me for being so detailed - she loves lists).
5:30am  - Woke up and got ready
6:15am - Got to the New Hope Leeward main campus for sound check
6:30am - Drove to the new site where New Hope Leeward was beginning two new services
6:50am - Got lost trying to get back to the main campus (of course the driver will never admit   to this) when we finally figured how to get back we got stuck behind a bike race.
7:20am - Played at the first service on main campus
7:40am - Drove back to the second campus for their first ever service
8:10am - Played at the first service on second campus
8:30am - Drove back to the main campus
9:20am - Played at for the 9am service
9:50am - Arrived at the second campus
10:20am - Played at the second service at the second campus
10:50am - Arrived at the main campus
11:20am - Played at the last service on main campus
12:30pm - Played for the volunteers of the day
2:00pm - Got home and crashed
6:30pm - Woke up and got ready for dinner
7:00pm - Had dinner with Pastor Mike (Leading Pastor of New Hope Leeward)

7:45pm - Had coffee and Tiramisu (had to throw that in there).
9:30pm - Started a movie that absolutely made no sense
1:30am - Need to get this thing done so that I can go and sleep....

Have a blessed week. Oh by the way Click Here to view pictures taken by Tim and Connie.

Sat., 10 - New Hope Leeward, Waipahu, Oahu - 7pm service.
One thing we've come to realize about Hawaiian's is that they love to hug. I think tonight we received the most hugs at a church which was great because we felt the love. There was so much energy at the church that we had to do an encore. Click Here to view some pictures taken by our friend Tim.

Fri., 09 - Living Stone Cafe, Aeia, Oahu
After a very relaxing week of sleeping, watching movies and some sight seeing, having a relaxed, unplugged set was a perfect idea. Kaima was on the keyboard, Isaac on djembe and Christian and I on vocals. Every now and then I love moments like these where we don't have to be in a performance mode and can just be spontaneous. Click Here to view some pictures taken by our friend Tim.

Sun., 04 - Kailua Beach Outreach, Oahu HI
I love outreach opportunities especially in places like a beach where you don't expect something like that to take place. Three different churches put together this event (I'm loving this church unity thing... a lot of people need to get with the program on this one). Kailua Beach is definitely one of the most amazing beaches I have ever seen. When we got up to sing a lot of people came to the front to sing and dance a long with us. Isaac did "Malibongwe" which was Limit X's biggest song and that people have loved over the years....I did some of the leads with him which was fun. Christian had an altar call and about five people came forward. Who ever has altar calls at the beach?? unbelievable. I loved it and was grateful that Christian was sensitive to God's leading.

Click Here to view some pictures of the outreach.

Sun., 04 - Revival Christian Fellowship, Kailua, Oahu HI
Do you ever go to church and feel like the pastor is talking to you or like the worship leader was thinking about you when he/she came up with the song list? That was me on the latter. We did most of my favorite songs which was something that I really needed. We've been on the road so much recently that I've been craving some good worship.

Isaac (formerly Limit X) who we've been traveling with on this Hawaii Tour had an altar call after we were done singing and the response was absolutely amazing. About fifty people came forward either as first time commitments or recommitments. In just a few days and performances we've seen God move so much, I can't wait to see what is going to happen in the next few weeks we are here.

Thank you Tammy for the pictures.

Click Here to view pictures of the service.

Sat., 03 - The Wave, Summer Youth Worship Bash, Kualoa Ranch, Oahu HI
I just got this email from one of the organizers of this event which says everything about this event.

"WOW! Yesterday will NOT be a day soon forgotten! We paddled out on a monstrous WAVE and God was faithful in His promise to see this ride through! His Holy Spirit was revealed in a very real way and even now we are hearing how He continues to work through the Summer Youth Bash 2005. Here are some of the outcomes of yesterday's awesome event!

946 people spent this Saturday at the BASH; 128 people shared Jesus through their music, dance, and drama performances; 12 hours of praise music, speakers, and young worshipers, were captured on video; 600+ photographs of young people connecting with young people, with Jesus as their focus, were shot; dozens of prayer requests at the drug and alcohol information and counseling booths were received; two Polish youth worship leaders visiting from Poland stood up to share their flag and their faith; at the closing hour of the event, approximately 300 Christian youth and young adults responded to Milele's call to re-commit their lives to Jesus and make a difference in the world around them."

Click Here to view the pictures of that awesome day.

Fri., 02 - Morning Brew Coffee House, Kailua HI.....1:27p.m.
Aloha faithful ones.... we are finally in Hawaii....four more states to go and we'll have been to every state in the US. The other four just incase you are wondering are: Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana.....if any of you know people in those states, let us know and we'll pay them a visit.

Hawaii is definitely what it is cracked up to be and apart from the humidity which I'm not a huge fan of it is almost as perfect as Kenya (of course I have to be a little biased).

For the doubters that don't believe that we are in Hawaii, I have decided to put up some pictures for you..... Click Here. (we'll be here for the next three weeks....just to rub it in).

August Gigs

Mon., 22 - Home.....11:33 p.m.
I figured since I'm not really sleepy and I keep forgetting to put up the pictures from our Afrique CD launch that was on Saturday, May 28, 2005 at Faith Community Church in West Covina CA, that this might be a good time. Just a quick introduction of our band: Guitar: Karis wa Ndenderu, Guitar: Wes Jones, Drums: Ron Lee, Percussions: Charlie Antillon, Bass: Eric, Vocalists: Nimo and Carol. Click Here to view the pictures.

Sat., 20 - Ordinary Women Fundraiser, Laguna Hills CA
I am always so moved by people who want to help our country, especially because I know they don't have to do it. I believe that God has to call one to do it. One with a special heart that sees need and is compelled to do something about it. That is what Ordinary Women, Inc. is all about.

"Founded in 2004, Ordinary Women, Inc. a non profit organization is committed to providing humanitarian aid to people in the developing world.  We are committed to training the local people to care for their health, educate about clean water and sanitary conditions, HIV/AIDS, and to care for sick in ways that can be easily replicated.  In addition, we will assist in training people on job skills that will meet their culture’s needs." Excerpt from

So naturally when they invited us to their "Water for your tea" Women's tea and silent auction we gladly said yes. Click Here to view some pictures of the event.

Fri., 19 - Praise Chapel, Paramount CA
What an exciting I've always known that Christian is crazy, I mean his enthusiasm and excitement for life is comparable to that of about 100,000 people and their relatives....this young girl called Monique says to him last night...."Christian, I know why you are not is because you are too loud..." So now picture this, there happens to be someone else in this world who is like Chrstian and his name is Pastor Victor who Pastors the Spanish speaking church at Praise Chapel......this guy from the moment he first walked up to us and gave us bear hugs I knew Christian had found his match.....Having these two guys in even one mile square radius makes everyone else excited about everything even taco's....... Isn't that cool though that we can be excited about life, about salvation, about leading others to Christ.....four people raised their hands at the concert to receive Christ either for the first time or as a re-dedication....I am sure the angels had a party last night in heaven......

After the concert we went to this mexican restaurant with Pastors David and Mondo and their always know you are going to get some good food when have to order it through a small window.......truly these guys know how to treat bachelors........Now go and be excited about what God is doing not only in your life but in the lives of other people......

Thanks to Jackie we have about 90 pictures of before, during and after the concert for you.....Click Here to view them. Who do you think Jackie is????? hint....She is in almost every picture.....

Fri., 19 - Our home in Stanton CA......11:51 a.m.
So it has been brought to my attention that some of you faithful ones, not to mention any names "Cindy" have been wondering what happened to the almost daily tour recap update. Now that we are not on the road there isn't much to report but because we know you want something to read and of course pictures to see....I will do my level best to bring you the best news right to your computer screen....behold our first feature is the bachelor pad.....I know some of you think that we live in Beverly Hills or the O.C. Well actually we do live in the O.C. (just the other side of the tracks). Here are some pictures of our condo Click here.

Change of gears.......please pray for our friends in Stoughton, Wisconsin. A tornado struck a lot of homes last night very close to LakeView Church and some of our friends lost their homes. Visit our prayer requests section on the site for more info and other prayer requests. Click here to watch a video clip from

Sat., 13 - Orange Hills Assembly Youth Camp, San Jacinto CA
This was our first performance back in California after our successful 25 state summer tour.  Some of us had a restful week after threatening they would fight anyone who tried to get them out of bed before Saturday (not to mention any names, Christian...).

The youth camp was at a ranch about 80 miles from our house and so it felt like we were back on the road again especially after being stuck in our "fabulous" Southern California, 91 Freeway traffic for almost two hours.....where are all these people going to on a Saturday afternoon?????? The evening was beautiful with some fresh air away from the smog....quite a charming place, this ranch.......We sang on a basketball court and so asked everyone to come down and dance with us instead of sitting in the bleachers....that was fun. These kids have rhythm....So, smart me decides to challange this young lady (Stefanie) to a game of basketball (I'm thinking to myself....there is no way I can loose and plus I am way taller than her). I not only lost but also had to part with one of our CDs from a free-throw shoot out....we have to have a rematch Stefanie...there was something wrong with my contacts, or was it my hair that kept getting in the way... Of course this time around it will be on our turf like running the marathon.......

One of my neat moments was when we held hands in a large circle and prayed for the orphaned kids in Africa....It was so moving listening to these young ones pray for kids just like them in a different part of the world. After the concert we got to share our testimony with the older kids as well as tell them stories about high school in Kenya. Good times.... Click Here to view some pictures from that day.

Mon., 08 - New Castle, Delaware......5:28 p.m.
MILELE 2005 SUMMER TOUR IS OVER..........YAAAAAAAAWWWWHHHHHOOOOOOOOO.... Tomorrow at about this time, we'll be on a plane back to Orange County. Thank you for attending our performances and special thanks to all our hosts and hostesses for taking good care of us and helping us put on some weight....From tomorrow we are back to the bologna sandwiches (how sad).

This weekend we were in Delaware for the All Saints Alliance Convention which brought about 2000 Kenyans together for a time of fellowship, listening to some good music and preaching as well as getting to reconnect with people we haven't seen in a long time. Here are A LOT of Pictures from the convention......Click Here.

Fri., 05 - New Castle, Delaware....12:23 p.m.
Our buddy Jeff in Stoughton, WI is going to be on the 2005 MS (Multiple Sclerosis) 150 mile bike tour tomorrow (Saturday, Aug. 06).

"This year, I'll be a "Partner in Hope" for Gena Walker - Gena is a good friend of mine, and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in Dec. of 1998. She is married to Jim and their children are Leah, 15 and Jimmy, 11. She deals with intermittent numbness, weakness, balance, pain, fatigue, slurred words, and memory issues. She has slowed the progression of her M.S. by taking Avonex injections weekly. Her children pray for a cure for M.S. every night. She finds that her strong faith in God, praying, journaling, and singing help her to find purpose despite the reality of her disease. Gena loves music and likes to sing. She is involved in her church worship arts ministry."

Will you help by sponsoring me in this year's MS 150 Bike Tour? With your generous support, we can end the devastating effects of MS, sooner rather than later.

Thank you!

- - jnn

For more on this Click here.

Thur., 04 - New Castle, Delaware....
I hope you guys are not tired of seeing all these pictures of our tour.....if you are, I don't want to know about it because I'm having a blast putting them up....I'm like a little kid who just got their first bike...come to think of it, I never had a bike of my own......a story for another day. For those of you that have viewed the pictures 396 times thank you and because of you I will continue putting up more and more and more pictures up....... (well maybe not that tour ends in four days).

These pictures were taken in Boston.....a brief description....Kaima, Christian and I trying to look cool, hanging out with our Hostess Tsega, lunch with Moses and babies, babies and more there something I'm missing here like clocks ticking...... Click Here.

Tue., 02 - Glad Tidings Church, Quincy MA
So Christian tells me that we are going to be singing at a Kenyan fellowship on Tuesday and I'm thinking most probably we'll just have a handful of people since it is a who goes to church on Tuesday anyway......We always tell people that as long as the number of people that show up are somewhere between 5 and 35,000 which is the least and most that we've played for then that is ok. The church ended up being full....

I know the bible says that we should not show any favoritism BUT....I have to say that Kenyans are fun to play for. Take for example the "kuku" chicken show them a few moves and bammm they have it and THEN some......we still love the rest of you non-Kenyans.

After the service we were invited to Mercy's home for a meal.....I think there must have been more than 30 Kenyans in her apartment.....great food....again not to have favorites but Kenyan food is amazing. Here are some pictures of the service as well as the food....gotta love those Kenyans.....Click Here.

July Gigs

Sun., 31 - Global Evangelical Church, Waltham MA
On this tour we've realized a lot about how important relationships are. There are a lot of gigs that we would not have gotten had it not been for some friends who connected us with other people. This is how we got to know about Global Evangelical church through our good friend Isaac. Ugandan's are just beautiful people with lots of life. They embraced us very well. Here are some pictures from that day. Click here.

Sun., 31 - Boston MA.....7:55 p.m.
Hey guys, I pray that your weekend was unbelievably blessed. We are still in Boston currently all started as a nap at about 3:00 p.m. and then turned into something else because it is almost 8:00 p.m. and Kaima is still "napping." I just got an email from one of my brothers and wanted to share something with you that he wrote. This is especially to those of us that are struggling with direction.

......When you are doubtful as to your course, submit your judgment absolutely to the Spirit of God, and ask Him to shut against you every door but the right one....Meanwhile keep on as you are, and consider the absence of indication to be the indication of God's will that you are on His track... As you go down the long corridor, you will find that He has preceeded you, and locked many doors which you would fain have entered; but be sure that beyond these there is one which He has left unlocked. Open it and enter, and you will find yourself face-to-face with a bend of the river of opportunity, broader and deeper than anything you had dared to imagine in your sunniest dreams. Launch forth upon it; it conducts to the open sea. God guides us, often by circumstances. At one moment the way may seem utterly blocked; and then shortly afterward some trivial incident occurs, which might not seem much to others, but which to the keen eye of faith speaks volumes. Sometimes these things are repeated in various ways, in answer to prayer. They are not hapharzard results of chance, but the opening up of circumstances in the direction in which we would walk. And they begin to multiply as we advance toward our goal, just as the lights do as we near a populous town, when darting through the land by night express. If you go to Him to be guided, He will guide you; but He will not comfort your distrust or half-trust of Him by showing you the chart of all His purposes concerning you. He will show you only into a way where, if you go cheerfully and trustfully forward, He will show you on  still farther. Isaiah 30:21 'Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying,"This is the way; walk in it."

Blessings to you this week as you pursue Christ.....

Fri., 29 - Boston MA.......11:40 p.m.
So here are some more pictures......first up is something rather you see any here....warning..some of these pictures are disturbing.

Second up are pictures from our first tour....interesting, that is all we have to say about here.

Lastly here are some more random pictures taken over the years. I'm really liking this picture posting on website thingii.....and I am really tired right now and just need to here for final pictures. You know I was thinking that it is interesting how we've changed over the years...some of us look so different that some people think we are not the same group....well who knows? Maybe we are not the same group.....just kidding, for those of you that take life too serisously. Happy viewing....I seriously need to get another line. I sound like Ryan Seacrest now.....Seacrest out!!!!!!

Fri., 29 - Boston MA...... 6:22 p.m.
Today is one of those fabulous days where we get to just chill and do I decided to put up some pictures on-line for you guys just to show you what our tour has been like....these are just random pictures and if any of you see yourselves don't worry we picked out the best ones so that the rest of the world can see just how beautiful and marvelous the people we hang out with are......By the way thank you all for the pictures that you send us so that we can share those special moments with our friends. Lastly thanks to Nick we get to show you these pictures without a password or any of that stuff....I'm also meant to understand that there might be some ads on next to the pictures....we do not endorse what they advertise...we are just using them (in a nice way) to show you some pictures.....We'll start off in Chicago.... Click here. As I always say...happy viewing.

Sun., 24 - Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Madison WI
We were chatting with Pastor Rick Jones on how different people around the world worship God. We serve such an awesome God who just loves our own unique way of worship. I always like to tell people that when we visit their church, we aren't trying to change how they worship God. We are just trying to show how people from a different part of the world do it. Christian has a really cool quote that Pastor Jones used and I kept thinking about it through out the service....."You never realize that God is all you need till God is all you have." It is so true though and the sad part about it is that a lot of times we just wait till something happens beyond our control before we surrender all our lives to Him. Mt. Zion is an awesome church and the people were really loving and kind to us.

Sun., 24 - LakeView Church, Stoughton WI
We had the awesome privilege of particpating in the 9:00 a.m. Worship service at LakeView. It was fun being on stage with the band, choir and vocalists. We led worship with new "big bro." Jeff and did some duets with Karly, Sara and Kasi. We've not felt this sad leaving a church before....there was silence most of the way to our next engagement. I guess we were all thinking about our own experiences that we'll always hold dear to our hearts. LakeView has definitely touched our hearts and changed our lives.

Before the service began, we sat around with the choir just reflecting on what we were grateful for and a lot of people said that they were grateful that we were there that weekend and how God spoke to each of them individually. It is definitely amazing how God works and how He brings people together to fulfill his purpose. Here are some pictures from the service. LakeView Church Service.

Sun., 24 - Kenyans at Sea (Lake), Stoughton WI
Check out some fun picture of Kaima and Christian with some of our friends.... Kenyans at Sea (Lake) The reason why you don't see me in the water is because I choose not to.....I also don't know how to swim which is a minute reason....happy viewing.

Sat. 23 - Faith Community Church, Janesville WI
When driving to the church we got caught in a really big storm. At one point a car that was driving alongside us started skidding and went from one lane to the other and eventually went through the median to the other on coming traffic lanes and narrowly missed a headon collision. What a scary moment. We stopped for a few minutes just to make sure they were ok. We got to the church safe and were glad to be out of the storm. The people at Faith Community were really kind to us. So we've been doing this thing in our concerts where we invite all the kids to come up and sing a song with us. For those of you that have been to our concerts recently I'm talking about "making melodies in my heart." So we decided to do it at this church but unfortunately there weren't any young kids and naturally the next age group up is the teens......what an interesting sight....especially since most of them at that age are very self concious and do not want to be doing something that doesn't make them look cool. They had a blast though. After the concert we had an amazing meal prepared by Debbie...I think we still have the chicken lying around somewhere in the truck.....nasty.

Here are some pictures Faith Community Church Concert.....Some of the pictures aren't very clear...but they are kinda cool. Happy viewing.

Fri., 22 - LakeView Church, Stoughton WI
I don't know if you've ever been to a place for the first time and for some reason that place just felt familiar? Or that somehow you were connected to that I sound strange or what? Since we've been here in Stoughton, I've been having that feeling.....Last night was absolutely amazing. I don't think we've ever been to a church before that pays attention to so much detail which is great with my "control issues" because the last thing on my mind while singing is all the details like, I hope they remember to play the AIDS video and all that good stuff. We had the kids come up and sing "Making melodies" with us which was fun and the highlight of the evening was four re-dedications.... Our friend Jeff took some pictures that you can view here LakeView Church Concert.....happy viewing. LakeView Church doesn't know this but they are now officially Kenyan.

Fri., 22 - NBC 15 News, Madison WI
So this morning at about 4:30 a.m. (I still don't know how this happened considering some of us go to bed at that hour, not to mention any names....Christian) we woke up, got ready and went for an interview at the NBC 15 morning can catch a recording of it on NBC 15 News. Click on Milele 07/22/05. Thanks to Debbie who decided to take it upon herself to call them and see if we could go in for an interview. I'm liking this TV stuff and think we should do more of it so everyone out there please call Oprah and CNN.... oh yah.....The Today show with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer is one of my favorites....of course MTV and BET are always welcome.

Thur., 21 - LakeView Church Worship Practice, Stoughton WI
Last night was just simply was one of those practice sessions that aren't really practice sessions but the real thing. Everything just came together of those God things again that we'll never understand. The people of LakeView Church are so warm and loving....I've been thinking maybe Milele should move our headquarters to Stoughton, Wisconsin......I don't know though how some of us would survive without the LA traffic and congestion not to mention the fact that we haven't lived in a place that snows before......but then again you can eat Pizza at their movie theaters....hmmmmm...dilemma. Check out some pictures from the practice last night. LakeView Worship Pracice Pictures... happy viewing.

Wed., 20 - Woodlands Church, Plover WI
Wow what an amazing church....first of all, they do not have a Wednesday night service and the church was almost full....unbelievable. This was one of those concerts that just went well and felt really good both musically and in connecting with the congregation. I'm sure we'll be back there real soon. For those people wondering if there are Kenyans in Plover, Wisconsin you got that right and he is Kikuyu too.....these Kenyans are taking over the US. Here are some pictures from the concert at Woodlands here.

Sun.,18 - Park Avenue UMC, Minneapolis MN
Equipment failure is definitely one of a musician's worst nightmares.....especially in the middle of a performance and you just have to wait till the song ends to fix it. For those of you who've been to our performances know that we use some wireless microphones and in ear monitors and every now and then we'll go to a building that just doesn't want to cooperate. This is what happened in the first service at Park Avenue..... please note that during the sound check everything worked great until we got up to sing and some bizzare radio frequency decided that it was time to play...... Thank God we had three services to redeem ourselves and to get everything working well. Sometimes I wonder if God is trying to teach us something in those moments and so far I haven't quite figured that out.... Great sermon by Pastor Mark.

Sat., 17 - Minneapolis First Seventh-day Adventist Church, Minneapolis MN
This was our first time at this church and had a wonderful time. We did something that we rarely do in a service....we sang our AIDS song "Open your eyes" with the footage. Usually we only do it in concerts because it gives us enough time to talk about our ministry and stuff that we are doing and then while doing this song people get to reflect and respond. Elder George who is Kenyan got to interview us about our ministry which led into singing the song.

Sun., 10 - First Free, Chicago IL
Chicago has definitely become one of our most favorite cities and First Free is largely part of that reason. Our CFO, Scott introduced us to First Free a few years ago and we've been back ever since. We got to sing in the last 20 minutes of the morning service after a great sermon by Pastor Tony. The evening concert went very well with some fun interaction with the audience. See you next year First Free.... here are some pictures that were taken at first free by our friend Lauren. Click here.

Wed., 06 - First church of God, Bellefontaine OH
This was our first time at this church thanks to Kim Wall and family (Chip, Ashley, Ciara, Nicole and Pierce) whom we met on our first gig this summer in Indiana. Very well attended gig and great audience participation. We also got to sing our AIDS song "Open your eyes" with the kids which was great. After the perfomance we went out for ice cream with the youth which was lots of fun not to mention really loud and an incident of bug eating.....

Sun., 03 - New Life Worship Center, Newcastle DE
This is one of our favorite Kenyan Churches with a great Pastor and friend, Steve Kamau. We had a powerful time of ministry and received a word from a Prophet that was there. After the service we went out for dinner with Pastor Kamau and guess what we talked, not the salvation of mankind.....but women and marriage...... It is so good to sit with a pastor who sees all our "valid reasons" as just a bunch of excuses....which they actually are.....Don't be surprised if you hear wedding bells soon.

Sun., 03 - Towerville Christian Church, East Fallowfield PA
After driving through the night we got to Towerville Christian Church. For some odd reason I always get assigned the all nighters. There is so much love in this church. This was our second time there and they welcomed us very well. Pastor Wagner let us have most of the service in which we did some of our favorite songs as well as "Father Abraham" with all the kids. After we were done Pastor Wagner prayed for Africa which was very moving. This is a church that I feel we'll be going back to again and again and again. We can't forget the fact that the home cooked meals were amazing especially for us barchelors who don't get a lot of home cooked meals.

Sat., 02 - KCFA Annual Conference, Harrisonburg VA
This was the 15th annual Kenya Christian Fellowship in America (KCFA) conference. About a thousand Kenyans come together for three days of fellowship every year and it was great being back to fellowship with them. This is our third time at the conference and we were received very well. It was good to see people we hadn't seen in a very long time as well as see the kids who are now grown ups.....I kept thinking to myself how we have become like our parents by telling these kids....."when I last saw you, you were just a little baby but now look at you....We also had the honor of judging the talent show put on by the kids and truly there are some very gifted children.

June Gigs

Sat., 04 – Smile Festival, Los Angeles CA

This is a festival that is geared towards promoting the arts and encouraging the youth to continue pursuing the arts. There were a lot of kids who came out for the festival and had a great time singing and dancing and just listening to music. We got to open for Malcolm Jamal (Bill Cosby’s son in The Bill Cosby Show) and his band who were the headlining act. 

Sun., 05 – Orange County AIDS Walk, UC Irvine CA

This is our second time around to play at the Annual Blessing of the Shoes, Interfaith Service which happens before the AIDS Walk that draws about 10,000 participants. Picture this, you have a Rabbi, a Pastor, a Sikh, four Buddhists, a young Christian lady and Milele on one stage….I know what you are thinking… does all this come together? Thanks to the brilliance of Ty Rose who is the Outreach Chaplain of the AIDS Services Foundation of Orange County, he somehow makes it happen. This is a great platform to share the gospel with other systems of faith. 

Sun., 05 – Iglesia Elbuean Pastor, Santa Ana CA

We were introduced to this Church by a Pastor friend of ours called Carlos Espana that heads an organization called Comhina that teaches missions to local Hispanic speaking churches. These gigs are always fun because we not only get to learn about another culture and how they do church but we also get to show them how we do church in Kenya. Even though we speak different languages and have to use a translator there is an amazing Spirit and connection. We had a wonderful time. I was thinking as we were singing Simunye (We are One) that it is true, Christ’s love unifies us all, no matter what our background, culture, social status may be. We can’t forget to thank Norma, our translator.


Tue., 07 - 10:00 p.m.
Got to Marion, IN ok. The flight felt really long especially since I have a hard time sleeping on a plane. Marion, Indiana is definitely a different place from Los Angeles. The people are really friendly and I guess intrigued by us Kenyans. No SPRINT cell phone coverage......what are we going to do for the next couple of days....

Wed., 08– Nazarene Mission Conference, Marion IN

Luanne calls me from Berne, IN and says that her daughter had suggested to her that we might be a good addition to their Mission Day at their annual Nazarene Conference. So I sent her some music and a video of a performance. She calls me a few days later and says that she was uncertain about us going because it might be a little bit too much since we would be playing to an older audience. After talking for a while I assured her that everything would be ok and we can have a non-threatening performance.

We ended up coming up with a fun mix of some up beat music and some traditional hymns that we all love. We also did our AIDS song "Open your eyes" with the kids at the camp which turned out great.

For those of you wanting to invite us to your church or event and are wondering if it is possible for us to have a toned down performane, give Luanne a call.

Fri., 10 – Northwest Four Square Church, Saint Ann MO

Our friend Pastor Marc, planned this concert in conjunction with Northwest Church. Marc and his band opened for us. There was definitely a lot of energy with the audience. Thanks Marc.

Sat., 11 – City Church, Oklahoma City OK

Last year we played in Tulsa, OK and the Oklahoma City Kenyans said that this year we have to go there instead. Well, we did. What happened to the Tulsa group????? I think there were only a handful there. Thanks Ben and Pastor Beatrice for planning the performance.

Sun., 12 - Vista Ridge United Methodist Church, Lewisville TX
Our only stop in Texas. Had to drive for about three hours from Oklahoma City, get on a stage and gig for two hours. After the concert, Alexus and Bentley walk up to me and ask if I would like to play kick ball. I'm thinking to myself....."these kids of nowadays, don't they know how to identify someone who is tired and just needs some sleep??????" So after a little convincing I decided to try it out and called the rest of my squad..... Now I know I can use any excuse ranging from being tired, to lack of enough sleep but we got our behinds kicked by 6-13 year olds. Very embarassing. Next time we plan on winning. Thanks Chazza for planning the show.

Ruston, LA......
This has definitely become our home away from home. In the few days that we were there we not only packed in a few pounds from the great cooking of the Autrey's, the Seigmunds and the Murimi's but also got to have some down time. Thank you Autrey's for housing us.

Mon., 13 - Crescent City Coffee Shop, Ruston LA
Our first stop in Ruston, LA. Most active coffee shop we've ever played at thanks of course to Sarah who got a chance to showcase her dance skills. Thanks Josh for letting us play at your shop.

Tue., 14 - Louisiana Methodist Children's Home, Ruston LA
Last year we visited the Children's Home and 38 kids gave their lives to Christ. This time around about 30 kids said yes to Christ for the first time. It was really humbling.

Tue., 14 - Campus Community Church, Ruston LA
Really fun church with a lot of freedom. I am always humbled when someone says to me that they would like to support our AIDS home on a monthly basis. It is such a God thing.

Wed., 15 - The Hill Radio Station, Monroe LA
Rick Godley is definitely our best Radio show host. We haven't had that much fun before at a radio station. He even played our music for us after we left so that we could hear ourselves on radio. If you live in Monroe or ruston tune in to 100.9 FM The Hill.

Sat., 18 - Bellevue Baptist Church, Cordova TN
Second time in Memphis TN thanks to Baron Muga. Had some good connection with the Kenyans there. This is definitely the largest church I've ever been to. Thanks Baron and Jackie for hosting us.

Sun., 19 - The Life Church, Memphis TN
There are those connections that are just a God thing.... Baron, who planned our performances in Memphis, calls the worship Pastor at the Life Church and asks if we could play there on Sunday morning. Incidentally this church has a connection with The Nairobi Lighthouse Church in which my older brother Mark is one of the pastors. Great Church.

Sun., 19 - Lighthouse International Church, Birmingham AL
After driving for about four hours we got to the Lighthouse International church and had a two hour concert that was a lot of fun. Later that night at his house, Pastor Wambua asked us what we take because he doesn't understand how we can come from playing at two church services, drive for about four hours, have an energetic two hour concert and then drive to Atlanta, Georgia which is about two hours away. The answer???? Thanks to Carol, Mercy, Moses and the Wambua's for your hospitality.

......Just a thought - 12:07 a.m. Cocoa Beach, Florida
I was having a conversation with one of our friends at Calvary Chapel, Merritt Island about how he went to Kenya and got to slaughter a sheep. Now I'm sure about half of our audience is already disgusted by that thought....but we come from a culture that does that and it is mainly a guy thing - male bonding.... This is a bad comparison but picture this...a lot of you out there are like or cafeine wake up each morning and the first thing you think about is can't function without it or so you think. Now imagine someone came to the US or into your life and they had never seen coffee before....don't you think they would think you were strange drinking this stuff everyday.....again as I said this is a bad comparrison.

Being on tour always makes me realize just how different the three of us are... from the music we listen to on those long drives to how we carry ourselves in public to the food we eat...... My father teaches a lot on unity in diversity and that is what our song "Simunye" (we are one in Zulu) is all about. We come together from all walks of life embrace Christ's love and share it with the world at large no matter where they are from and no matter whether they are coffee addicts or not.... Simunye..

Wed., 22 - Calvary Chapel, Merritt Island FL
Great church.....this is our third time here and we always have a good time. This church does a lot of mission stuff in Kenya which is a great connection for us. There is a lot of freedom and love. They do the "kuku" chicken dance very well. One thing we also did was spend about 30 minutes talking with the kids about where we are from and about our ministry...did you ever see Bill Cosby's - "Kids say the darnest things?" Oh yah.....sometimes I think this is a conspiracy....the kids know how uncomfortable we get trying to answer those hard questions and so they ask them again and again and again. Gotta love them though.....

Sun., 26 - Lake Worth First Church of the Nazarene, Lake Worth FL

After having about three days off, which were well spent in front of the tube and some good cooking, we were ready to get back on stage. Our friend Julius Sanna is the Worship Pastor of this church and let us have the full service for a concert. The concert went very well and we also got a chance to sing with Julius and the band. Some kids on the front row had made some cards with different messages like "You Rock" which made us feel even more welcome. After church we had some Indian food which of course by now you know is our favorite food....

May Gigs

Wed., 04 – Biola University International Chapel, La Mirada CA

This is the third time we’ve been invited to the International Students Chapel and we were received very well. I, as a former Azusa Pacific University student felt the love immensely thanks to Christian who just had to point that out to the students….(for those of you who aren’t aware of this, Biola and APU are rivals. Of course we all know which school is better!!!!!!!!)  

Sun., 15 – Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles CA

The last time we were at Bel Air Pres. was about five years ago and none of us look anything like we did then. We hadn’t even recorded our first album “Forever” yet. We got the 9:00 a.m. traditional service moving with “Lord of all” one of the new songs from “Afrique.” Someone told me after the service that they didn’t know some people could move. At the 11:00 a.m. contemporary service we took it a notch higher with “Faya.” For lunch, we were treated to my favorite “burger” restaurant “Islands” that left us so stuffed that we went to the Getty Center to nap on one of their manicured lawn. After a quick nap we were back at the church for the evening service. What a fun day…

Wed., 18 – West Angeles Church of God in Christ, Los Angeles CA

This was our very first time at this church which is the home of Bishop Charles E. Blake. Evangelist Theresa Wairimu fromKenya was speaking that evening. She really brought the house down. 

Sat., 28 – Afrique Launch, Faith Community Church, West Covina CA

The stage was nice and intimate so Christian could not jump around which is always an interesting sight to see him trying to contain himself. We were joined by Karis and Wes on guitars, Charlie on percussions, Ron on drums, Eric on bass, Nimo and Carol on background vocals. Kaima directed the band and Christian and I did what we do best….make lots of noise in the name of praising God “African style.” Our line up of songs included Lord of all, Runnin’, Love you Lord, Hakuna Matata, Open your eyes, Sanjolama and Simunye. If you couldn’t make it for some particular reason especially those out of state or country friends, you really missed out.

April Gigs

Fri., 08 – Fundraising Dinner for Prov. Children’s Home, Ontario CA

Providence Children’s Home and Community Center is a facility inKenya whose aim is to provide a safe home and education for AIDS orphans. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them now for about four years and it is great to see the strides they’ve taken. This was a great evening of music, food and fundraising.

Sat., 09 – Berean Christian Store, Fullerton CA

This was a nice afternoon gig which also featured, Karis, our guitarist and not to mention my (Harry) second cousin. The audience was so close to us I’m sure they must have gotten some “showers of blessing.”

Fri., 15 – Sun., 17 – Atlanta GA

We were invited to Atlanta, Georgia for a series of concerts to aid in fundraising and creating awareness for an organization called Hope 4 Africa whose founder is a former school mate of Christian’s.

Fri., 15 – Hope Chapel, Roswell GA

Now you may be able to explain this better to me, because I’m having a hard time with it. Who has a concert at10:00 p.m. at night at a church….hmmmmm….pretty suspicious huh?????? I think the even bigger question is, who would go for a concert at that time? Possibly people who used to party a lot but since their conversion can’t do it anymore. This was an awesome time though……we did more “worship” type music.

Sat., 16 – Mount Paran Church of God, Atlanta GA

I am doing a survey to find out how many cultures out there are like the Kenyan culture who are notorious for tardiness. I used to think that this was something just with my father’s generation but ours seems to be even worse. Anyway this show was a good example of that where some people came on time and others were also on time in their own right – two hours later. Christian likes doing this thing where he’ll get kids up on stage with us and sing and dance with them and that is always a lot of fun and great for connecting with our audience.

Sun., 17 – The Bank, Marietta GA

This was our last performance inGeorgia and went very well. Clubs are always interesting to play in because one, you don’t know what the sound will be like because they aren’t designed for live performances and two, the lighting is always interesting because again it is designed for dancing and not performing. This was a neat experience though.

Fri., 22 – Festival of Nations, Fuller Theological Seminary

Every year Fuller Theological Seminary has a Festival of Nations that brings all the cultures represented in the student body together to celebrate their uniqueness. This includes food, music and different expressions of art. This was our third time attending the festival and it was great to see just how much it has grown. The first time we did it there were only about twenty people and this time around about two hundred or so. I didn’t know Fuller students could do the “kuku” chicken dance…..

Sat./Sun., 23/24 – Calvary Community Church, Westlake CA

We all agree that this was one of our best gigs so far. We got to lead worship with the Worship Pastor, Mark White….amazing man…did I mention he is amazing. At first we weren’t sure how it would come together but it did. Kaima directed the band as well as played piano and synth. Karis played guitars and Nimo, Carol, Christian and I were on vocals. We had fun playing with Jack on drums, Mike on bass, Trevor on djembe and Liz on percussions. Visit their website to view the service called Simplicity, Significance datedApril 24, 2005.

March Gigs

March was all about Minnesota…..some of us experienced snow for the first time and my, my, my….we are definitely not moving out of  California anytime soon. I was a little bummed because I couldn’t make a snow man – sorry John and Coleman, next time we’ll have to do that.

Wed., 02 – St. Joseph’s Home for Children, Minneapolis MN

Gigs at Children’s homes are always unique because you don’t know what to expect. Your audience could be receptive or not pay attention to what you are doing. We had a blast in this home and got to learn so much especially since we would like to have a home like this in Kenya.

Wed., 02 – Open Door Church, Minneapolis MN

It is refreshing to go to a church every now and then where their agenda is just to worship and love on God and that was what this evening was all about….wow…..what a powerful time that we all needed.

Thurs., 03 – Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis MN

The kids of this school had been fundraising for a project in West Africa and it was nice to go there and just celebrate with them especially coming from a different part of the world.

Fri., 04 – Bethel University, St. Paul MN

I think Bethel has one of the best facilities that we’ve ever played at not to mention an amazing crew. This was a fun gig and afterwards got to eat in their cafeteria. We concluded that if we ate food like that on a daily basis we would not be able to jump up and down a stage.

Fri., 04 – Hill-Murray School, Minneapolis MN

Picture this: The kids start filing into the gym because that was the only place we could fit everyone in the school. At first I’m think to myself, it will only be a few hundred kids…no biggie we’ve done that before. When we get up to sing, I ask them to stand up and do the “kuku” dance and immediately realize that it wasn’t a very good idea because they are so many of them….hearing all those voices in the call and response part of “turn it” around was fun. Hill-Murray School Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri., 04 – TORRENT, Christ Presbyterian Church, Edina MN

This was a fundraiser for International Justice Mission that is doing some work in Kenya and around the world. Visit their website at to learn more about their work.

Sun., 06 – The Sanctuary Church, Minneapolis MN

We were really blessed at this church especially by the preaching of Pastor Efrem Smith. There was so much love in that place. Can’t wait to go back in the summer.

Sun., 06 – House of Mercy, St. Paul MN

This was our last gig in Minnesota on this particular trip. We did an acoustic set which we don’t really get to do often and it turned out great. This is the most unique church we’ve ever been to from the music to the preaching to just how they do church. If you are ever in Minnesota you have to check them out.

February Gigs

Sun., 06 – First United Methodist Church of Alhambra, CA

It is always interesting for us when we get to play for an older audience because for one Christian can’t make them shout FAYA and I can’t make them do the chicken dance. We played it very cool for this one, did two slow songs and ended up communicating more to this audience than our regular craziness on stage.

Sun., 13 – Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton, CA

This is our second time at this church and everyone seemed to really get into it. We also did something that we are getting more and more into, where we lead worship with the regular church band and worship team. It worked out very well especially the fusion of African music….kudos to Kaima for the music.

Fri., 18 – International Heart of Mercy, Berkeley CA

What an interesting day….we missed our flight from Orange County because some people had to sleep a little bit extra then our other flights got cancelled and instead of getting to Oakland at 10:00 a.m., we ended up getting there at 8:00 p.m. The concert was meant to start at 7:00 p.m. What an amazing time of ministry though.

Sat., 19 – Beyond the Storm Benefit Concert, Redwood Cov. Church, Santa Rosa CA

This was a really neat concert that drew a lot of acts from the Santa Rosa area to raise funds for the Tsunami relief in south-east Asia. What an honor to be part of that.

Sun., 20 – First Presbyterian Church, Santa Rosa CA

So we have this line up that is suitable for an older audience which is not threatening at all and we had everything all figured out for this church and then the pastor decides that he wants us to do “Turn it around” with the moves…..yup they all did the “kuku” chicken dance. We toned it down after that.

Sun., 20 – Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, Santa Rosa CA

We currently partner with about nine different organizations and one of them is with our Santa Rosa mom – Priscilla Jones. They are building a youth community center in Kenya. It is always so humbling being part of something like this that you know will change lives somewhere down the road. The concert went very well, thank you so much for those who made it and for the contributions.

Wed., 23 – Faith Community Church, West Covina CA

Faith Community has become one of our homes and it is always great being back. We tried something for the first time that worked very well, blending our songs and theirs in worship. The “on fire” choir brought the house down, thanks guys.

Fri., 25 – First United Methodist Church of Alhambra, CA

We rarely ever get challenged to a game of basketball especially by teens but this time around we did and we definitely showed them that Kenyans not only run the marathon but they can also ball. Thanks to our dominating “Shaq” Patrick. We are taking on all other challenges if anyone feels they need some thrashing.

January Gigs

Sat., 08 – Olive Crest Homes, Mission Inn, Riverside CA

Harry, Nimo and Carol went for this gig by themselves because the other guys were in Kenya. The uniqueness of this performance was that we got to play for foster children and their parents. The concert also happened to be at the Mission Inn which could easily be the coolest place that we’ve ever played.

Tues., 11 – Vineyard Christian School, Anaheim Hills CA

The guys were still out of town for this one so the ladies and I held it down again. The kids at the school are so great and always get into what we are doing.

Fri., 14 – The Book Cellar, Vineyard Christian Fellowship of America, Anaheim Hills CA

After flying for about twenty hours Kaima and Christian joined the ladies and I for the concert right after getting off the plane. A lot of you wouldn’t believe this but Christian was actually very mellow. This is the third time playing at the Book Cellar. The kids from the Vineyard Christian School get to invite their parents so it is more of a family affair.

Mon., 17 – Martin Luther Celebrations, West Covina City Hall CA

This is a very unique event in celebrating the life of Martin Luther. The event draws all kinds of people including non-Christians


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