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December 2008 - January 2009

Nairobi & Mombasa, Kenya

We travelled to Kenya not only to partner with our band-mate Kanjii's CD launch, but to share our Milele Homes Project with the congregation of our home church, Mavuno. We also managed to sneak away for a week & entertain ourselves on Kenya's beuatiful coast. Around five pounds of weight were garnered per person in as many days. Click here for photos of Mileleans & friends frolicking in wretched debauchery.

October Gigs

Wed., 22nd

Graceworks Kenya, headed Susan Njemanze, held a fundraiser that was a great success. Click here for photos.

Fri., 3rd, Sat., 4th, Sun., 5th.,

John Simpson of Out of Sight Productions put together a great concert headling the multiple Grammy award winning band, Blind Boys of Alabama.Milele was one of two bands that opened up for the Blind Boys - it was a great show. On Saturday and Sunday, Milele was part of the worship services at Cathedral of Faith, where we shared our vision, mission, etc. We are thankful to Pastor Beverly Jaime for her assistance and tto the Formans for their willingness to open COF to us. Click here for photos.


September Gigs

Fri., 26th, Sat., 27th, Sun., 28th.,

It was raining in Pennyslvania. Nonetheless the performances in partnership with the American Foundation for Children with AIDS headed by Tanya Weaver were a great success. Click here for photos.

Sat., 13th, Sun., 14th., Oasis Church, Evangelical free Church

Chicago was wet but fun. Hurrican Ike's rain was over the midwest, but the concert at Oasis & service at EV Free were super. Thanks to both pastors, Isaac Paintsil & Bill Shereos for their hospitality. Click here for photos.

August Gigs

Sun.,31st, First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton

We had a blast making music with Justin & the rest of the congregation at EV Free. Thanks for your support, love & open arms. Click here for photos.


July Gigs

Sun.,27th, Redwood Covenant Church

Milele was given an opportunity to share our mission & vision with thic congregation. Their response was awesome. Thanks to Pastor John Strong for opening his church to us & worship director Andy Cater for letting us share our music with the great people of Redwood. Click here for photos.

May Gigs

Sun.,4th University Christian Church, Los-Angeles CA.

A while back while playing at Eastside Church in Fullerton we met a great gentleman Michael Stafford. He introduced himself as the music director at University Christian Church in Los-Angeles and suggested that we consider being a part of their mission’s weekend. We immediately got to work planning the details. Anyway this past Sunday we had the chance to attend their Missions Sunday and it was nothing short of spectacular. We found a great congregation that is very culturally diverse and we enjoyed it incredibly as it’s seldom you find this. Also we got to meet the current President of Hope University in Fullerton Ca, as he was the keynote speaker. We had an awesome time with the congregation and it was a treat to find some ladies from Nigeria who were glad to reminisce their roots via our music. The lunch afterwards was amazing as they served an array of cuisines that tantalized our epicurean delights. It was a great time. Click here for pictures.

Fri.,2nd Africa Dream Project, USC Los-Angeles CA.

Did you know that there is a Christian fraternity at USC? Well we were pleasantly surprised recently when we were introduced to Alpha Gamma Omega it is more popularly known. So this Friday the fraternity was living up to its name by hosting an event that would benefit Kibera one of the largest slums in the world if not the largest that is based in Nairobi Kenya. This is the area where Milele has been working so when Jason Glide the president of the organization called Africa Dream Project invited us to be a part of the event, we gladly accepted as its close to our hearts. Little did we know the impact it would have, firstly some really solid relations were built that night as we discovered how much we have in common with these great guys. Secondly we realized that there is a myriad of ways in which we can work together. Thirdly we discovered that we are not committed to the same thing, but we can also be great friend with the Organization that is largely comprised of the USC students. The most surprising thing was, arriving at the venue only to be met by a near perfect replica of one of the slum huts like those that form Kibera. It was almost unreal especially when you walked in only to see it designed to be exactly how a typical Kibera house would be. If you don’t believe me please click here to see it plus others from the evening. It was a great time and we know that this is not the last and we will be working with these boys as we were divinely connected on this evening.


April Gigs

Wed., 30th Covenant Presbyterian Church, Orange CA.

We met John and Laurie Stewart at Eastside Church in Fullerton. At that time they were planning a trip to Kenya and incidentally John was going to teach at my brothers school Nazarene University. They were excited about meeting us and they asked if we would be apart of their mission’s day at their home church Covenant Presbyterian in Orange CA. We gladly accepted and this past Wednesday we had the opportunity to go and be with them. It was a great night, which started with a great feast. Afterwards we were invited to minister in song and when we looked out we wondered if we are going to engage the “frozen chosen” as most of them were senior citizens. To our big surprise it was like they had been waiting for someone to engage them in song and dance, once the music started their age was no question at all. I actually witnessed some of them go all the way down keeping stride, step and beat. Truly age is only but a number. It was an awesome evening. We felt like we had known this group for years. John made an awesome presentation showcasing mostly the positive aspects of Kenya and their trip and at the end of the evening you felt a sense of pride about our people and our country. He even made a stab at Milele saying that it seems like we lost the rhythm a little. I wish I could disagree with him, but he is sadly right. I believe God is brewing some partnership opportunities with them and we can only trust God for what he is going to do. Click here to see some pictures from the wonderful evening

Sun., 27th Christ Life Church, Tempe AZ.

Jojo as he is more affectionately known is a good friend of ours actually at one time was my roommate. Recently we had the privilege of attending his Church Christ Life Church in Mesa Arizona. Pastor Phil Goldsberry’ and Jeremy Defrees decided to take a chance by having us there without much prior knowledge of our ministry and just trusting Joseph’s endorsement. It turned out to be one of the best times of our ministry in terms of connection and appreciation.

We were so well received you would have thought we had known each other years on end. We played at their main services but also had a chance to play for the kids who all captured our hearts as they prayed for the orphaned kids we work with. Afterwards we went to lunch with the whole gang which was riot having about 3 little kids with us. All in all it was some of the most memorable moments of Milele’s Ministry and we feel that the best is yet to come. We love you guys and thanks for your warm embrace in every sense. Here are some pictures

Sat., 26th Nobel Peace Price Laureate Prof Wangari Mathaai Event, Los-Angeles CA.

Professor Wangari Mathaai is a Nobel peace prize laureate for the work with environmental

conservation. So besides the long distance runners, Professor Mathaai has given Kenya another claim to fame as she won one of the most coveted awards in 2005. This Saturday we had the honor to play at an event in Los-Angeles that was in her honor. We had a great time with a sleuth of reputable guests and had a chance to engage them in African song and dance. We are so proud of her and glad to say that we now know that her “green belt movement” organization has paid dividends despite the challenges she went through earlier on in her career and activism. Here are some pictures.

Sun., 13th Journey Community Church, Clovis CA.

Journey Community Church in Clovis Northern California has become one of our home churches. These guys are no longer a “church” but friends. This is evidenced by the fact that the budding relationship goes beyond what meets the eye. We had another chance to visit them this Sunday and we had an amazing time from when we sat to break bread together upon arrival. Kiki Mwiti, Kaima’s sister did not believe as we told her of what to expect and when she first met Pastor Walt she was like “what is he on” only to realize that he is wired that way, too much Holy Spirit. We had an incredible time with them, the service was great and we had Andrew Wilson, Pastor Walt’s son join us during our worship set and that was fantastic, just to worship the Lord together with our brother. Here are some pictures.

Sun., 6th Open Door Church and Mzizi Church Minneapolis MN.


Pastor Richard Munala has been one of our good friends since the formative days of Milele. We have has a great relationship, so when he asked us to come and be a part of the launch of an African Church in Minneapolis, we were much obliged to do so. Destiny Fellowship has been meeting at least once a month at Pastor Munala’s church but recently they decided to

launch and African Church called “Mzizi” which Swahili for Root. We have a great time with everyone and had a great chance to lead worship with their team and that was a treat for both us and them. Carol did not take any pictures as she was busy “doing other things” so blame it on her that we have no pictures from the weekend. The same Sunday we went to worship at Open Door Church where our longtime friend Bishop Jenkins was happy to receive us after a long time. Also ensuing from our visit there was a possibility of partnership with Dr John ole Saby who is a member of that church and has greatly been involved in Medical Missions in Kenya. We are excited about what the future holds. Please call or email Carol and ask her why she was sleeping instead of taking pictures.


March Gigs

Sat., 22nd World Harvest Africa Benefit Concert, Wilshire Ebell Theater, Los-Angeles CA


Recently we had the honor of being a part of an amazing concert which featured Frontline

Generations, from Indonesia. It happened to be the launch of their album and it was nothing

short of spectacular. They went all out to make sure it was up to world class standards, I don’t think I have the words to express the excellence that was put to the show, and they say a picture says a million words, click here. Elva Frye and Milele were the opening acts and we were honored to play with such a great group. Elva is an amazing worship leader who has agreat call on her life and exemplified by her heart of worship. It was so good that we decided to take another shot at it on June 7th at the Pacific Auditorium in Fullerton. World harvests are the hosts of the event. Here are some pictures from our friend Tina Mahina from Hawaii.


Sun., 15th, Bible Enrichment Fellowship, Inglewood, CA.

Milele has not been to an African-American church in years so being part of BEF's worship services was exciting to say the least. Excellent worship, solid teaching and scrumptious food made this Sunday even more stupendous. Click here for photographs.

Sun., 9th, Calvary Chapel, Foothill Ranch, CA.

We had an opportunity to share our mission and vision with a great audience. Click here for photographs.

February Gigs

Sun., 23rd, Saharan Praise, Norcorss GA. Hosted by RGGC Church.

Talk about two and a half hours of fun-filled, foot-stomping, hand-clapping, Jesus-hollering African music; this was concert names "Saharan Praise", put together by our friends at Redeemed Christian Church of God. Click here for photographs.


Sun., 23rd, Cavalry Assemblies of God, Dunwoody, GA.

Brian Campbell, Calvary's Senior Pastor opened his church to us and we had a brilliant time, not counting the scrumptious lunch. Click here for photographs.

Fri., 22nd, Perimeter Church, Duluth, GA.

Over three hundred children in middle school, 90% of whom are not christians, meet each Friday at this church for an evening of video games, coffee, sodas etc after which there is a 30 minute talk about Jesus. Our half-hour spot angled towards the AIDS pandemic in Africa. We were reminded again how much Americans are shielded from the pain and suffering that ails other parts of the world. It was humbling to see over fifteen children who had been moved to tears by the disease in Africa pray for children orphaned by AIDS in Kenya. Click here for photographs.

Sat., 16th, Sun 17th, Central Christian Church, Lancaster, CA.

A church with wonderful hearts. We really had a fun time. Surely this is a relationship made in heaven. Click here for photographs courtesy of John Broussard.


Thurs., 15th Compass Bible Church Hispanic, San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Valentines for Compass Bible Hispanic Church was celebrated the day after every one else did. It was a predominantly youth event. We got to enjoy a great dinner and engage them with some of our music while reminiscing on “Love”, whatever that means. So what is Valentines all about? If it was up to me I would scrap it from the calendar. Okay let me stop while I am ahead. Click here for photographs.

Sun., 10th, Neema Church, Kansas City.

We performed at Neema Church, a congregation that is primarily made up of Kenyans in diaspora. Click here for photographs.

Sat,. 9, Village Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, Kansas.

We partnered with AFCA in a concert that shared in what Milele is doing to combat Aids in Africa. Click here for pictures.

January Gigs

Sat 26th, Eastside Church, Fullerton, CA.

This was an evening that the Missions Department at Eastside headed by Jeff Swaney and Tammy Leatherby, introduced the church's Mission agenda for the year. Eastside is involved in sending peoples out to various continents to spread not only the Gospel, but also to provide hope and empowerment to the continents' underprivileged. Click here for photographs.

Milele in Kenya Sat., 12 - Mon. 21..  Nairobi, Kenya.

Milele was part of the initial effort that was in Kenya to assist those affected by the post-election violence that rocked parts of Kenya. Food, clothing and medical supplies were donated and distributed courtesy of the Kenya Relief Fund. For further information on how to help the displaced please visit the Kenya Redcross Society. Click here for photographs.


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