Wow, what an incredible group of wonderful musicians! I have invited Milele to several large events and they have always been nothing short of phenomenal. They have never failed to engage the entire audience. They bring a message of care and hope and they transport us through their beautiful rhythms to another place. These four men from Kenya bring a unique blend of passion and energy mixed in with a deep compassion for Africa and concern for the HIV/AIDs issue. They are able to connect and communicate well with our Southern California crowd. God seems to use these energetic and engaging men to soften the hearts of their audience to these critical issues. I would fully encourage any church leader to invite Milele to perform at their gathering because their audience will be greatly blessed by these gifted men.

Pastor Skip Lanfried
Saddleback Church
















info@milele.com • 626.488.6406 • PO Box 681 • Pasadena, CA • 91102