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December Gigs

Milele in Kenya Media Dec 2006/ Jan 2007.  Nairobi, Kenya.

We have been blessed to get some media favor in Kenya, featured in a few media things. Kenya Television Network accompanied us on one of our trips to the Kibera. “Straight UP” is the program we were on. Citizen TV hosted us on their “Shangilia” program which is hosted by Kenya’s greatest gospel singer Esther Wahome. Grace Sowairina and Alex at KTN, thanks. Margaret and Fortunate at Standard we appreciate you. Eunice, Crispin and Esther at Citizen Thanks. Joey Mugweru, Phillip Mwaniki and Arthur Kamau at Nation together forever. We always appreciate the support and love the media give us in achieving what God has called us to do. Here are some Pictures. Watch for video clips on our website video page coming soon.

Random Kenya Pictures. Dec 2006 Trip.

I know many of you are sick and tired of reading my long boring blogs, I have some great news. There are more of them in store. Anyway the following pictures are random from various occasions from our Kenya trip. Please enjoy and notice, our families, friends, church  services, accidents we were involved in, birthdays, concerts e.g. Papa Wemba, Kanji’s famous moto-car dance, malls in Kenya, Kijiji Studio where we just finished recording our fourth album, Kanji’s “Goat dog”, New years eve, Mavuno Church, Tunde and his gadgets, Mo the crazy kid, among many other aspects of our trip. Indeed it was an exciting time. Click here and enjoy, and consider coming with us next time.

Fri 22nd, Kibera Project, Christmas Gift Drive Nairobi, Kenya

For those of you, who have been following us for the last year or so, are familiar with the Kibera Project. This is one of the projects we have undertaken our “CHANGE AFRICA” Campaign which is geared towards empowering local Africans to champion change in their prospective areas. Kibera is now slated as the largest slum in the world with over a Million inhabitants. We hear so much negativity about the place, but in the midst of all the depravity there are some people who are local heroes. This is the case with a group of boys who hail from the area, who with about $50 they would help feed almost 100 families per week. When we heard about their incredible sacrifice, we rallied some friends and held a walk dubbed “Freedom from Hunger Walk” and raised some money to assist in their cause. For the past year we have successfully helped enhance their feeding program in the area for the whole of 2006 with proceeds from the walk and other donations from various individuals. These boys assist widows in the area who are HIV positive by assisting them with some food for their families as they have a hard time fending for them due to their illness. They also make regular house visits and help clean their homes and give them tips on how to live positively with AIDS, citing that carrying the virus does not mean that life has to come to a sudden end. On numerous occasions we visited them during the year, you can refer to past Kibera blogs. We were blessed to have others come on board to support the venture and we were able to have a Christmas gift drive courtesy of “Zawadi for Kids Foundation”, Genesis a youth ministry of Oasis Christian Center, some generous individuals and of course our friends from Los-Angeles. The gift drive was amazing we had over 300 people at the center, the women got food some of which was donated by Rabai Road Posho Mill. The kids got toys from Zawadi and the most exciting for the boys was Soccer Uniforms that were donated by “Genesis” from Oasis under the leadership of Tami Tyson and Nimo Mathenge. You should have seen the faces of the kids when they saw they uniforms, it was almost euphoric and ecstatic. Alive and Kicking from Nairobi who make soccer balls donated some soccer balls when they heard about the project at the “Village Christmas concert” Martin Barnard the President helped facilitate this. As you can tell, it was a collective effort im almost embarrassed to say that we did very little as the aforementioned groups did all the work and we just assisted in facilitating the whole drive. A couple of weeks later two angels from Dubai and Bahrain Yasemin and Dana, who were introduced to us by Megan White a longtime friend, heard about the project they came with us to Kibera and even went on a house visit to Helen Moraa’s house and on seeing the devastating state of the slum they donated a whole bunch of food to all the families who are clients of the boys. They literally bought off a store in Kibera where we purchased the food. It was an honor to witness the impact that all this activities made. I can’t explain enough the magnitude of the gratitude expressed by all the beneficiaries, the people who came along can attest to it. This is an experience id wish that we all have at one point. Please feel free to come along with us the next time we visit the center and the boys. We have put together pictures from the various days and visits please take the time to go through them and consider being a part of it in this coming year as we will continue to assist however we can. Watch for the “Freedom from Hunger Walk” to be held early this year, and consider participating so we can have another successful year.  We assisted in facilitating a toy drive for Zawadi for Kids who’s President Janice Njiru is a great friend. We took a whole bunch of toys from Zawadi to a neighboring center called Tunza, where the Mother “Mama Tunza” takes care of over 40 kids in Kibera. She is an incredible woman with a heart that is larger than life. The kids enjoyed especially the automatic cars among many other toys donated by Zawadi for Kids Foundation. Take time to go through all the pictures and more over consider doing something for this dear precious people who are incredibly positive in the midst of dire need. So little can go so far. We have a long list of needs and individuals you can contact directly and support without having to go through Milele. If interested please contact Christian Mungai and he will direct you accordingly. Here are the pictures. To all the people who participated, thanks, is not enough God Himself will reward you.

Sat 16th, A Village Christmas, August 7th Memorial Park, Nairobi Kenya.

So we arrived in Kenya a couple of days ago, and of course it’s extremely exciting to be here.Today we had the chance to perform our only scheduled concert. Actually it was more like featured in Kanji’s concert dubbed “A Village Christmas”. The event was sponsored by GMC and Coke who combined with the August 7th Memorial Park to bring Kenyans a Christmas at the Village. For our friends in the US, the Memorial park is built on the site where the US Embassy was located; this was where Kenya was victim to some brutal terrorist attacks on August 7th hence the name. Therein lies a memorial stone of over 200 people who lost their lives. It’s amazing the way a solemn place has been decorated and beautified to try and assuage the stigma of horror that plagued our country. I believe it’s a positive way to look at a tragedy without undermining the gravity of the day of infamy. Kanjii and his crew the “Villagers” brought the house down with a rendition what we are used to “a white Christmas” it was truly some crude, remote villagers letting go and letting God. What an incredible time. The time was also used to focus on the less fortunate at the festive time. Milele was able to perform a couple of songs and present some soccer uniforms that were donated by some kids from a group called “Genesis” a youth ministry of Oasis Christian Center Los-Angeles under the leadership of Tami Tyson. The group had raised to purchase the soccer uniforms to a soccer team from the slums of Kibera that were in dire need of a soccer kit. The team was represented by a group of boys who we have been working with in the past year. See more on the Kibera project blog. The occasion was beautiful; I was humbled to emcee the occasion with the assistance of Kanji’s beautiful wife Mwendie, who was incredibly fantastic. Esther Amunga the director of the park did a phenomenal job in setting the ambience of the park to suit the occasion. It was indeed a beautiful Christmas evening. Click here for picture. Also see a story on the same done by the largest Christian new website in Kenya. Click here.

Sat 9th, Sun 10th Saddleback Church, Lake Forest CA.

Imagine a church with 13 services on any given weekend. I know it sounds insane but visit Saddleback Church in Lake Forest California and there you will witness for yourself. I don’t know if Pastor Rick Warren rings a bell, or maybe “purpose driven life book”. Well this is the church he started in the early eighties. I’m sure you may have heard of his best selling book. Oh well! All this verbiage to say that, we were privileged to present some special music this weekend in 8 of the 13 services. It was truly an incredible time. It followed our visit there the week before for the Aids Conference and Pastor Rich Muchow the music director invited us back, on the weekend before we leave for Kenya. It was so humbling for us as we would get introduced and the congregation would give us an overwhelming ovation. It goes to show the hearts of the members who have all been tuned to Africa. Its indeed a challenge for many like us who come from there, to see others loving our continent so much that they are doing all they can to make a difference. We were overwhelmed by the number of people who had either been to Africa, or were planning to go, and to the most remote areas to see how they can be part of change. It’s amazing what God can do in and through people who are willing to serve. Pastor Buddy Owens spoke at all the services and we wondered how the Pastors here go it. Seven services and you are supposed to maintain the same razor sharp focus. At the end of Sunday evening we could almost repeat verbatim his message. He spoke on how to deal with worry and learning how to trust using his own very wonderful story. Please click here to hear it. All in all we were more blessed to be there than we were a blessing to them. This is a great family and we look forward to see how God will continue to partner us with them on enhancing change in Africa. Pastor Rick and Kay, we salute you for all you have done to turn many hearts towards your other home, “Africa”. Don and Elaine Herr thanks to you and your family for hosting us, Jeff, Miriam, Dave we had a swell time fellowshipping. Mary Gupta sorry we did not make the Saturday evening dinner, but thanks for bringing us the food to us on Sunday at the church. Kaima and I are the only ones who got to enjoy it as we would dare not share such a sumptuous meal. To all our friends at Saddleback we are so blessed by you and we love you. Finally we appreciate Trisha and the entire band that played for us, my goodness you guys lit the “Faya” up, and we are blessed to know you. Maybe we will get to do more in the future. Here are some pictures.


November Gigs

Thu 30th and Fri 1st of Dec, Aids Conference, Saddleback Church CA.

I’m sure we have all heard about the Purpose Driven Church. Aka Saddleback.  A great church that has undertaken the overwhelming task of impacting change in Africa and elsewhere via the P.E.A.C.E Plan.  We can’t talk of Africa without talking of AIDS, the third largest cause of death all over the world after, contaminated water and Malaria. We have had the honor and privilege to be a part of the Saddleback Aids Conference before, this year the theme was “A race against time”. It was hosted by Rick and Kay Warren who are just amazing and their hearts for Africa is unmatched. Sadly though, when reporting about the conference, themedia politicized it more than talk about the whole intent of the conference. They focused their reports on the fact that two very prominent Senators, Barrack Obama and Sam Brownback were in attendance and their political views. It was great to hear from such great men, but the conference was more than just that. It was a time of recommitment to the cause and exploring other methods and ways of administering to the need. We made some great and invaluable contacts; we hope to connect with these new friends as we continue to travel around the US. We thank God for Pastor Rick and Kay and the entire staff at Saddleback for considering us and inviting us to be among the great teachers and leaders who were there. Click here to read more on the conference. It’s true that God has Africa at heart and it’s evident by the many people He is raising and turning their hearts toward Africa. The best thing He is stirring very Ordinary people to take on an extra-ordinary situation and these are you and I. Click here for some pictures from the event

Sat 25th and Sun 26th, Upya Singles Conference, Upendo Bapist, Dallas TX.

Upendo Baptist Church in Dallas is one of the more progressive Kenyan Churches in America. What is even more amazing is that they now have their own beautiful Sanctuary. Every year Upendo hosts a phenomenal event geared towards the Singles. We have attended on several occasions and it’s been great. However this year I was the only one who was able to make it. They asked me to come and talk about the Milele Family Homes and inspire young Kenyans to be involved in whatever way in the plight of the Aids Pandemic and other atrocities. We got to visit with friends during the thanksgiving weekend as we reflected on God’s goodnessthis past year. Here are some pictures from a great time with Upya Singles Ministry of Upendo Baptist. Nelson and Imani kudos, on a job well done. We enjoyed Pastor Musyoki. Pastor Ruto thanks for your continued love and support.Click here for pictures.

Fri 24th, Berkley Seventh Day Adventist, Berkley CA. Maximum Children's Home Dinner

This Friday after thanksgiving we got to spend time with a ministry that we have become good friends. Maximum Miracle Center is a ministry of Pius and Lucy Muiru. We connected with them sometime back and we have grown to know each other. Among many other great things, they have a childrens home they started after they noticed that so many kids attending their meetings did not have a place to stay. We were glad to be a part of their fund raiser on this day. We had a great time though it was in real “Kenyan time” fashion. We were there from 6pm all the way to 11pm. Great time though with lots of laughs and a wonderful message from our friend Pastor Isaac Munene, he and his wife were just blessed with a second child who is a photocopy of Isaac. Mrs. Lucy Muiru was there and we got to touch base and enjoy some good moments. Linda Muiru worked hard to make everything work and we thank her for that. We got to sample a song from Maximum Melodies a Kora award winning group from the Church that is absolutely fantastic. We are glad to know people who are doing great things in Kenya and we pray for God’s richest blessings. We will see you in Nairobi soon. Click here for Pictures.

Sat 18th, Old Path Miracle Cathedral Church of God in Christ, Vallejo CA.

It’s a little unsettling when you meet someone who knows you from your infant days. There is the fear that they may end up revealing your so not positive past. This is always the case with Mrs. Priscilla Jones, who knows all the members of Milele from past connections with all our parents. So to keep her quiet, whenever she calls we go running in hopes that she will remain hush hush on those dark secrets. Mrs. Jones is a pioneer and co-founder of a project in Kenya Kiere-ini Community Development Project. We have had the fortune of partnering with her on various occasions to fundraise for the same. This past week she invited us to Old Cathedral Church of God in Christ in Vallejo California where they have a missions evening for thedistrict. We were blessed to be there, though on that same day that church had to deal with an emergency as one of their members was taken very ill. Somehow the Pastor was still able to make it at the tail end of the meeting and he offered a faith filled prayer and we believe that the Sister will come through in Jesus name. Pastor Marchbanks of the Fulton Community Church and Elder Don were presiding over the meeting and it was nothing short of great. There was just a great move of God especially through worship. Carol led us through a very powerful time where you almost sensed some travailing in the spirit as we all joined together in worship. Kui Colombini was amazing as she joined us for the song “love you Lord” its amazing how she and her brother Mbugua have matured to wonderful teenagers as we first met them when they were just young kids. That also worries me because it says something about how old we are getting. All in all we were blessed and we are grateful to all who made this a success. Mrs. Jones it will all come together one day, it’s never in vain. Pastor David M Kiarie who shares exact names with my dad you are welcome to the US it was good to have you all the way from Kenya. Continue with the vision never ever faint.

Thu 16th, Marshall Business School U.S.C, Los-Angeles CA.

Recently some students from Marshall School of Business at U.S.C, one of the moreprestigious institutions of higher learnin in the country, approached us asking if we would need some help in setting up a business plan for our Milele Family Homes Project. It is simply a great honor from some of the most brilliant minds today. Their quest was to find a non profit Organization with which they can work on for their class project. Out of almost 40 Organizations Milele were picked amongst the more intriguing ones due to the uniqueness of the project. So this past Thursday when they were making their first presentation in class, we were invited to sit the in the class and witness the progress. We were certainly blown away by the depth and the detail into which the students had gotten into. It’s nothing short of a blessing to have such a team on board. We really applaud them for the research and what they are doing to make sure our project flourishes to what we envision. Grace, Scott and Shana, we are profusely grateful for your tireless efforts and we know something great will ensue. Can’t wait for the end product. You are part of the change. Click here for some pictures.

Tue 14th, Western Medical University of Science, Pomona CA.

Some students from Western Medical University of Sciences in Pomona California have taken it upon themselves to visit different countries and experience what is out there and perhaps get a glimpse of what they may have to deal with after their medical studies. We weprivileged to somehow connect with them and little did we know what the outcome would be. So when they decided to organize an evening where they would share with their fellow students what they had experienced, they invited us to be part of a momentous occasion. One Mahsa Abassi had come across a documentary Left Behind, by a Chrisof Putzel that highlights his trip to Kenya and his subsequent findings on the Aids Pandemic and it effects. The students decidedto share it with the others, then they had us come and talk to them as testament to what is affecting our country. Of course we would try and do it through music and hence bring a sense of hope and positivism on such a grim situation. At the end of the evening there was a sense of great hope if we all took our place on being the change we want to see. In the midst of such atrocities we each are the hope for the world. Our hats are tipped off to these students who are not sitting in despair but instead raising awareness through what they have. We are so proud of you, Mahsa, Nicole, Matt, Dax, Forough, Fareeha and the entire group at your school who made our visit possible. We know that we are to work together more in the future as for now we will let you work on your studies and after those 20 years of school we will be here for us to go to Kenya and beyond to play our part in being ambassadors of hope. We were glad to have Parham from U.C.I and Rebecca from Chapman University who came all the way to be there for the event. They too have a great desire to join in what we and others are doing to impact a dying and needy generation. We met Parham at the Orange County Aids walk and he actually did my Aids testing, then shortly after that left for Kenya where he met some kids who knew of our group and our music. What a small world we live in, and it can even be smaller if we all came together to do what we can to affect someone else positively; it may one day come right back to us. Click here for some pictures of this most wonderful evening. Thanks guys we love you and let’s work on that trip to Kenya and beyond.

Sun 11th, Beacon of the Hills Church, Anaheim Hills CA.( Africa-fest.)

Have you ever attended a concert where from the very beginning your are totally gripped and captivated, hairs standing on ends and at the end of it all you are totally blown away and completely inspired. Well it happened to us this past Sunday. Beacon of the Hills Church was the venue. We were invited by a long time ministry partner Aunt Evelyn Komuntale of Outreach to Africa to open for a visiting Uganda kids choir Pearl of Africa. What an experience it was. We talk about the kids in Africa and their plight with the insurgence of the Aids pandemic, but when you experience these orphans who exude a reckless abandonment to God and instead of rehearsing the pain and hardship they have experienced they let it out to God in worship.  It is a thing of beauty and very challenging to us who have not gone through what these 20 orphans have had to deal with. The most amazing thing was a story about one of the choir member who for a longtime was raised by monkeys and now is with the choir and going through rehabilitation to assimilate to leading a normal life. Click on this link to see more on his amazing story. I don’t think there was a single dry eye in the audience as they truly touch the last nerve in every person in attendance. All you can say is we serve an amazing God and how can anyone disapprove of His greatness he truly knows us all by name. Click here for pictures from this most moving evening. If you can catch this choir in concert and experience what we can’t even begin to relay to you.

Sun 11th, South Bay Church of God, Torrance CA.

We are at the Orange County Aids walk early this year, a gentleman walks up to us after our performance and he tells us that his church South Bay Church of God would love to have us there. His name is Brandon Knoelinger, he gives me his Pastors contact and I contact Pastor Darren and for the entire summer we try to reconcile our calendars but it does not seem to come together. This past week I call Pastor Darren impulsively and he is pleasantly surprised and he goes on to tell me how some American missionaries to Kenya will be at their services that weekend. We happen to be free and so we decide that we will join them. We had a wonderful time there, at both services. We were especially blessed by the words and work ofTravis and Lydia Klingforth who have made a 10 year commitment to Kenya as missionaries. They have picked up Swahili that they can preach fluently in it. What a blessing to know such great people. We got to meet with Pastor Darren and we got to connect at so many levels. We know that this is one place we believe it’s the beginning of greater things to come. We had such a swell time we forgot to take pictures but we can pass the blame to Carol and Arin our development director who instead of taking pictures when we were singing she was out getting starbucks coffee for the junkie in the group, who we wont reveal. Carol!!!!.


October Gigs

Sun 29th, Crossroads Bible Church, San Jose CA.

Pastor Kyle Windsor of Crossroads Church has been our friend for a while now. So when God elevated him to Senior Pastor of this Church from the other place where we initially met, heand his staff were kind enough to invite us to Crossroads. What a place, they really have it going over there. We met Pastor Brandon Pasion who is overtly talented guy and has a great heart for the world. We first went there on Thursday for rehearsal with the church band as we were to lead worship with them. We got to interact with the crew. Tom, Nick, Mark, Brandon, Mike and of course Pat and Jennifer who were so instrumental in assisting us while we were there. Being a mission’s weekend at the church Pastor Samuel Nandakumar the mission’sdirector coordinated the services and everything turned out so well. Rumor has it that they had never moved like they did that day, Hazel  her and Kathy Novak who accompanied us for lunch are responsible for that claim. All in all we had a wonderful time with them on that Sunday for both services. We look forward to being back sooner than later. Brandon thanks for giving us a tease of how good you are and then abandoning us, we will do the same when we go on a safari back in Kenya lets see who will be laughing then. Thanks for all guys we love you and appreciate you, now let’s see what God would have us do together in the future. Click here for some pictures of our whole time there. Kudos to the lunch crew you are the best for obvious reasons. Hazel my birthday mate, “I told you Indian food is great and not too spicy”

Fri 27th, Shiloh Christian Fellowship, Oakland CA.

Shiloh Christian Fellowship is a dynamic Church set in the heart of Oakland California. Whereas we have been there before, it seems new every time we return. This past Friday wasone such occasion. We were invited to open what was to be a very entertaining evening yet very rich in reaching out to the lost in the Community. The church had staged a theatrical show, ironically entitled “Milele” yes it was called ‘Forever’ and guess who was in town to open it on that night. We had a great time as we whetted everyone’s appetite for what was to come. The production was incredible and we enjoyed it so much that we forgot to take pictures of the actual show. We love the way the church has grown and also gone through some great renovation. One thing we love about these guys is that they don’t hold back when it comes to loud music. If you know anything about music, we all love it loud and clear in the monitors and out in the house. Now Shiloh knows how to “pump” it up, and rest goes without saying. Two of our longtime friends who we pray for on a daily basis as they are ‘crazy or loco la cabesa” Lynn and Shamu attend Shiloh and apparently are very famous there, and we know that its coz of their Wiley antics. The hosted us and got to take us around and we appreciated them so much in spite of everything. Pastor Steve and Portia thanks for always embracing us. Pastor Patrick and Pastor Violet we appreciate you taking the time to meet with us. Apparently we were at a Mission Conference in San Jose a week ago and we met Dr Gary Munson the Missions Pastor at Shiloh. We love you family. Click here for some pictures.

Tue 24, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Middle School Concert, Menlo Park CA.

Americans are not famous for impromptu things, so when the middle school staff at Menlo Park Presbyterian invited us to come and be with them on their Tuesday night “Zoo” we were taken aback. It was so unexpected that we did not even know how to react. All the same we got to find out that it was God’s divine orchestration. We will not get into the details of the kids, bouncing off the walls, rolling on the floor, jumping on each others back and making some crazy howls only heard in the savannah grasslands of our home country. What an evening, we discovered that we are getting over the hill as we were worn out just watching them literary bounce off the walls. What a great time, made me miss those formative years. We got to share a little of the Aids plight and our reaction to it. You could tell that they were keen to know and hear more of what goes on in other parts of the world, though many of them had already experienced missions at such tender ages of 10 to 13yrs simply amazing. Eleanor and the staff there made our abrupt drop in possible and we thank you so much for that. Dusty, Jason, Julie John and the crew we dearly appreciate your effort and more over the time you are taking to invest In America’s future. We really loved you all at Menlo and God willing we will be back this time with prior warning. Kathy Welsh thanks for being the initial point person and perceiving the idea even at such a late stage. Here are some pics courtesy of Julie Gerughty.

Mon 23, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Clovis CA.

Dr Markos Zemede of Horn of Africa made sure that his home church in Fresno got an experience of African music; so on a very odd day Monday, he invited us to visit TrinityPresbyterian Church in Clovis for a special concert. Oh my gosh, imagine a full house on a Monday football night, I wonder who watched the game, as everyone seemed to have been at the concert. It was so well organized and advertised and rightly so we got a big crowd. One of the elders released the attendees though Presbyterian to dance. What a mistake, they were going crazy you would have thought we were at a rock concert. Was so great to see everyone participating and coming out of the box to embrace us and our style of worship. It’s truly an honor for us when people join us and understand that we are not there to change their worship style but to bring variety. Thanks Ed Cobb, Paul and Dr Markos for a job well done, we were totally blessed. Of course Dr Zemede’s family was great to us as they hosted us at their home. Meseret, Sammy, Deborah and Maranatha thanks for all you are, we totally love and appreciate you. Here are some pictures.

Sat 21, South Valley Christian Church, San Jose CA - 5pm Service & 7:30pm Concert.

South Valley Christian Church is indeed a home away from home. Ever since we connected with them through Horn of Africa, we have fanned a very cordial relationship with them, in a way that we always feel like we are coming home. This year after the Horn of Africa symposium we had the opportunity to minister in worship on their Saturday night and Sunday morning services. What we seem to enjoy most in joining together to lead worship as a team. Worship Pastor Steve Gregory and his team, Janna his beautiful wife, Stephan, Barbara, and the great band were especially great to us and we really enjoyed our time together. The choir was also very special and I think it’s a great addition. The congregation seem to have been practicing as they did not miss a step as we led them in dance and worship. We are especially grateful to Michelle Hockenberry who has worked tirelessly from way back when to make sure everything run smoothly. Talk about a fireball, I don’t think coffee is responsible for the energy it must be nothing short of the Holy Spirit. We just love and appreciate our hosts Jack and Torrey Elwell who have hosted us at their home and even arranged for our transportation during our stay in the area. What an honor and a humbling experience for us. Carol is enjoyed her time with Sherry who I think has just the coolest sense of humor, and a great place where she hosted Carol. SVCC we love you and we know that there is something special in you and the way you have embraced us as your own we are truly one family in Christ. We love you with all our hearts and thanks for loving on us unconditionally. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Fri 20, Horn of Africa Mission, South Valley Christian Church, San Jose CA

Horn of Africa is one of those unique ministries that we have had the chance to interact with. This great Organization under the leadership of Dr Markos Zemede has approached mission work very differently. They integrate various ministries and bring them together to work towards the various needs in the Horn of Africa while keeping the main goal as planting churches in extremely remote and needy areas. They support different mission outreaches in these devastated areas. See more on them on their website. This year we had a chance to return to their annual mission’s symposium. What is also great is the speakers they invite to the meetings. This year I was especially touched by Ngwiza Mnkandla of New Dawn Ministries as he approached missions in a very eye opening way and thought. Harry Brown of New Generation was also a personal favorite. All in all it was a great time especially for us to tap into these great minds that have a wealth of experience in such forums. We were glad to be invited back for the second year in a row. HOAM keep the fire burning we love you. Here are some pictures from the weekend

Wed 18, Africa Child Foundation America, Fundraiser, Santa Ana CA

We are back to California and even before we are completely recuperated from our travels, we are called upon to be a part of an incredible ministry that puts many to shame owing that ithas only been in existence just over a year but the results achieved are enormous. African Child Foundation is who I’m talking about. A priest by the name of Henry Simaro from Kenya made an appeal to some American friends about the needs in his area, and immediately they sprung into action under the leadership of Lauren Peterson. In just under a year they have helped start projects that take most people five to ten years. That speaks volumes about the hearts of these people. We tip our hats to them. On this Wednesday night we had the privilege of being a part of their fundraising dinner. The whole event was so elaborately put together, so organized. We had the mayor and other dignitaries in attendance and we got to close the event with some music. What a wonderful time it was, better still was to see the results that a devoted group can attain. It surely takes devoted and dedicated hearts to make a difference, a lesson we can all glean from this experience. Lauren thanks for the invite and we are truly looking forward to working together in the coming future. Keep the Faya burning and realize that your dedication is significantly visible and more over appreciated by the lives you are touching back home in Kenya. Here are some pictures from the event.

Sun 15, Gashland United Methodist Church, Kansas city, MO

Steve Burger the Executive Director of City Rescue Mission wanted to share the dancing skills he attained during the conference from dancing with us, to his church and especially his Pastor Paul Lanning at Gashland United Methodist. I would love to tell you more about it but its better said from the horses mouth so here is what one of the members of the church said about our visit on this Sunday morning. Dr McMillan Kiiru was the speaker and was a wonderful time with him. some pictures here.


Just a note to say how meaningful the Sunday morning worship was to me. I certainly recognize that people praise and worship God in various ways, with no one way being thebest.   However, it has been a long standing prayer of mine that our congregation gets off their "tails" and experience worship in a way that may be out of their comfort zone.  It could not have gotten any better than to see Kayley dancing in the aisle, then to look back one row and see someone 60 years her senior dancing right behind her.  It was very moving for me to have our church reach across the aisle, hold hands, sway, and sing "We are one Church…….We are once voice….Simunye".  Nothing, nothing, nothing is finer than the Body of Christ united.

Garrett made the comment that if we had Church services like that all time we would need to add more pews.

Thanks for the worship experience yesterday.Terry

Sat 14, City Mission World Association Conference, Kansas City, MO

For the longest time now Milele has partnered with various Organizations that are involved in relief work in the world. One of those Organizations has been Union Rescue Mission in LosAngeles. As a result when the City Rescue Mission hosted their Tri-annual Conference in Kansas City this year, we were honored to have been invited to lead them in worship as we bring a taste of Africa to the International delegates. Of course we were also proud that one of the Milele parents Dr MacMillan Kiiru Director of Afriserve Kenya and also Co-founder of The shepherd’s home an organization that we are in partnership with on our Milele Family Homes, was a guest speaker during the African night. It was an amazing conference, with over 22 countries represented. It almost had the feeling of an Olympic and I was privileged to bear the Kenyan flag during the opening ceremony. I believe in the power of Unity in diversity and what beauty it is to see it at work. This was the feeling during the conference the theme was “His got the whole World in His hands” We opened the ceremony on the first day with some of our music and it was great to see all the countries represented moving and dancing to African music. Surely Music crosses all boundaries. The next night we led the worship session as it was a night dedicated to Africa. Steve Burger and the entire staff of City Rescue Mission we really appreciate all your love and support. It was great to make all the good connections with brothers and sisters from all over the World. Simunye. We are truly one in Christ. Here are some pictures from the event.


Fri 13, International Students Incorporated Monthly Dinner, St Louis, MO.

We all came to America as International students so we understand the challenges trying to assimilate to a totally new environment. So when we find organizations like International Students Institute, we appreciate the task they have to assist students adjust the new life. On this Friday we were invited to play at the monthly I.S.I meeting in St Louis. The best part of it was seeing some young kids from a church called Covenant Church comprised of predominantly Kenyan congregation. These kids could move and they made us realize that our youth days are over. What a blessing it is to see the next generation sold our for the Lord. Mark Murchison and the entire I.S.I committee we are grateful and continue to serve these guys who so need your assistance. Here are some pictures from the evening

Thu 12, Missouri District Foursquare Church Pastors Conference, St Louis, MO.

So today we got an invite back to Northwest Foursquare, but this time it was for the Missouri district Pastors Conference. We had visited them Sunday morning and they asked if we couldcome and sing on the first day of the conference. It was a great time and of course getting to network with all the Pastors from various churches. Hopefully next year when we go to Missouri we will get to visit at least some of their churches. It was a great evening. After the conference Pastor Mike the host was quick set the big screen to the Cardinals and Mets game, fortunately for him the Cardinals had won. Let see if they win the World Series. The thing is all work and no play…… are some pictures from a wonderful evening

Sun 8, Immanuel Foursquare Church, St Louis, MO.

Immanuel Foursquare Church is a church plant of Northwest Foursquare with a predominantly Kenyan membership. This was our next venue of our day. The interesting thing is that due tosome communication breakdown, there had been prior announcements that we were going to be at the Church only for us not to show up. We greatly apologize for the miscommunication; we had not confirmed any of the other concerts. All in all on this Sunday we made it and momentarily everything else was not as important. We had a great time of music and highlighting the Milele vision to our fellow Kenyans and hopefully stirred some to be involved in bringing change to our country using what God has placed in our hands. There were some young girls Gladwell and her sister who went crazy with every song we performed, see if you can identify them from the pictures here.

Sun 8, Northwest Four square Church, St Louis, MO.

When you go to a service and everything that happens seems to be in perfect synchrony, you can only attribute such harmony as the work of the Holy Spirit. This was the experience at Northwest Foursquare Church. It’s interesting that we were not even scheduled to be there, but after the place we were scheduled to be fell through at the last minute, the Pastors at Northwest gladly allowed us to be with them and minister this past Sunday. The result was nothing short of divine. Everything from the music to the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit a rarity at churches, to even the songs we planned on singing, at the end were all a masterpiece only divinely orchestrated. Later on we were invited to lunch with the pastors Mike and Debbie Masters where we enjoyed a hearty lunch as we spent some time bonding and fellowshipping together with all first time visitors. That was an experience not easily forgotten. Thanks Northwest for giving us a chance even at the last minute and better still to the sensitivity of the Holy Spirit we were truly ministered to. Click here to see some pictures.


September Gigs


Sat 23, Walk of Hope by Be The Cause, El-dorado park, Long Beach CA.

To cap this busy week we found ourselves at a benefit walk for hope, organized by be theCause. A great initiative that strives to complete the circle of giving by practically servingothers and seeing that they do the same to others. Incredible people. I got to meet with Michelle Bendera and Sukh the Founder of Be the Cause at Seva café in Long beach. They have as great set up where you come and eat and at the end they bring you a bill that has a zero balance on it and you choose whatever amount you would like to donate to pay for someone else. On this particular Saturday we had the honor to close their 5k walk. We had an awesome time watching everyone of the participants cool down to Milele music; some were heard quipping that it was easier to walk the 5k than keep up with the Milele gymnastic antics. We had a lovely time interacting with people from diverse cultures who all assembled for the same cause, to make a difference. Here are some pictures from the event. Thanks Sukh and Michelle for the opportunity, let see what we can do together in the future.

Thu 21, Operation Smile Annual Fund Raiser Dinner, Beverly Hills CA.

We are based in the cusp of Hollywood but for some reason it’s a whole new world out there, almost seems further than Kenya. But once in a while you can brush shoulders with a “celebrity” somewhere, but to get to see them in person and moreover perform and sing at one of their events is almost impossibility. However today we got to be invited to Operation Smile’s annual dinner fund raiser dinner. The organization assists kids who have cleft lips. This year one of their ambassadors Jessica Simpson had visited Kenya and they appropriately figured that it would only be fair to have a touch of Kenya and so they invited Milele to have the onus of doing so.  At one time I felt like I was the one watching the celebrities perform as they walked the red carpet and were being interviewed by the media. It’s a whole different world out there, we were glad just to be a small part of the evening. We saw quite a number of significant celebrities though most of them were producers, managers etc. Among the ones we recognized were Sugar Ray, Elton Brand of the  LA Clippers forward, Mark Burnett, the producer of survivor, apprentice and other reality shows, Roma Downey of  touched by an Angel, Goldie Hawn and Jim Hill the KCAL News Sports Anchor who took a minute to take a picture with us. We also heard a touch our music at the background when Access Hollywood was interviewing Ms Downey. Great event! for some inside stuff click here for pictures. Notice the Milele members at the corner. Might I add that it was at he prestigious Beverly Wilshire opposite Rodeo drive where all the stars shop in Beverly Hills. Thanks to Scott Mauro entertainment for the invite, and our lovely Consular General Nyambura Kamau who referred them to us .

Wed 20, Capistrano Valley Christian CA.

So we are back to sunny California for a “break” or so we thought. Before we could actually rest we remembered that there were several events we had been invited to.

The first was an early morning chapel at Capistrano Valley Christian. We have a long standing relationship with one of their teachers Chris Fore, and he had extended an invite for us to come and lead their chapel on this day. It was hard adjusting back to Pacific Time seeing that we were 3hrs behind in Hawaii, so it felt like the chapel was at 4am, whereas it was at 8am. All in all we went there and for the most part it was a great time, with the kids moving enthusiastically to beat of our music. Notice I used the term “beat” these kids have some serious rhythm a rarity in some parts of America. The only dumper to an otherwise good time was the untimely demise of one the most loved music teachers. Apparently he had battled with cancer for sometime and that morning he passed on to glory. The announcementcame right after our concert and it was quite an anti-climax. We believe though that God sent us there to share comfort and rest as we go through such things almost on a daily basis back home with the Aids pandemic. We don’t always have things go the way we want them to, but we rest in that He is control and we just have to ask for His strength to help us move on. Keep the faith and let’s press on. Click here for pictures.

Sat 9, Sun,10 The River Church Kapolei and Calvary Chapel HI.( Downtime Finale.)

It flows with love joy kindness; let’s just say with the whole spectrum of the fruit of the Spirit. What a nourishing place to be. I am talking about The River Church. We were so greatly honored to be invited back to this great Family Church. We have had a great relationship withPastor Nick and Esther Van Rensberg through Isaac Rucci and Limit-X. On Saturday we held a concert for the youth at their new wonderful facility at Kapolei High School Auditorium. It was indeed a time of worship and encouragement. Thereafter we were treated to dinner by Micah and Leilani Suderman the Youth Pastors, it seems they totally understand that all a musician wants after a hard days work is food. “We will sing for our food”. Thanks guys that was kind of you. On Sunday morning we were part of the service and we were of course treated to the wonderful praise and worship by the church band.I have always loved the way these guys all come to the front when we get on stage. Its one place i dont have to talk about rythmically challenged Americans, these guys can get down!It was truly a great time. Pastor Nick shared on kingdom principles to overcome adversity and what a timely message for some of us who may have been going through some trials. We of course had a chance to take them back to Africa with some of our music and it seemed everyone had a great time. We appreciate you guys so much, your love is evident and we are honored to be family. Simunye! Click here to see some pictures from our great weekend at The River. Notice Karis our guitarist and Rachel who happened to visit for the weekend. We took them around the Island so you may notice some pictures from our short but fun time with them. Afterwards we proceeded to what was our last venue on this tour of Hawaii. Calvary Chapel of Pearl Harbor. We had been invited to lead worship during their Sunday night “Ignite” service. It was evident that some of them did not expect the kind of ignition they experienced. It was so much fun to see them dancing and moving which was somehow against the norm. We blame Pastor Frank who told us to feel free to encourage diversity. It was a great evening as Pastor Frank shared from the word on how we complain about everything. The amazing thing was there was such a synchrony of everything that culminated in Pastor Frank’s message. Everyone who preceded him touched on an aspect of being a servant and thinking beyond self and ultimately contentment and refraining from grumbling like the children Of Israel who missed the promise land due to their constant pessimistic attitude, even after experiencing God’s miracles almost on a daily basis. Pastor Frank thanks for the opportunity and I know we shall be back sooner than later. It was evident that as much as the tour was over, it was anti-climax as we had gotten so used to preparing and looking ahead to the next concert. Since we were done we decided to visit Waikiki by night and see what it is like. Of course the excuse was we were taking Karis and Rachel around but deep within we all wanted to enjoy Waikiki. Click here for pictures of our escapade. All in all we have had a great time and we thank God for all who made the trip possible we can’t mention all of them but God is not unjust to forget the labor of love, we love you and appreciate you. Bob and Melodie Vega words can’t express our most heartfelt gratitude. Glady our lovely Kenyan friend, for taking the time to show us a good time. We love your place and when you come to California we shall truly revenge. To all the Pastors and leaders thanks and let us keep serving Him at all times it’s worth it all. On behalf of Milele and the enire cast its Aloha and Mahalo. To our Hawaii O'hana.

Fri, 8, Sunset Beach Christian, North Shore and The Way of Salvation Youth Night, HI

So yesterday we were back to the North Shore, we came over because this morning at 8am, we had to be at Sunset Beach Christian School. As is typical of musicians we don’t want to wake up early so we decided to camp over this way. Thanks to a lovely couple that opened up their home. Derrick and Debbie, we appreciate your hospitality. When we got here we immediately became so comfortable we were in the fridge and all over the house. You never know what to expect when you welcome Kenyans to your house, be ware!!. However they were very gracious, the best part was when they invited their friends Bob and Lehua and Bill and Gloria and Gloria’s dad over for dinner. We had the fun nest time, it was beautiful just fellowshipping on a deck that overlooked the beach, unbelievable. Its amazing how you can connect with people you have never met before and almost get a sense of belonging, this was the feeling last night during dinner. Debbie prepared a very sumptuous meal which we all enjoyed greatly. I made sure there were no left over’s. It was so cozy and comfortable non of us wanted to get up, but Gloria the school secretary had forewarned us that she did not know exactly what to expect in terms of their sound system, so we had to be there by 7am. Gloria thanks for scaring us to get up early. Of course there was nothing to worry they had everything. Sooner than later the kids started filling in and we were in for another lovely morning with sweet angels. Surely children are special and they just have a way of capturing your heart. They sang a couple of songs for us as they welcomed us to share with them. It was a lovely time of singing, dancing screaming and laughing as the kids reacted to some of the things we were saying. The kids even had a wonderful lesson on obedience for the parents and teachers present. As exemplified when they started singing “making melodies” and echoed and did all we asked them to do. Something that we adults have a hard time doing, seldom do we like to follow instructions and especially when God calls us to do something which seems embarrassing or stupid. It was a wonderful time. What was amazing too was how the school though not very big, blessed us so much by buying our music in large volumes and just sharing their love so tangibly. We appreciate you so much and what a loving family and community. Please consider changing your name to Sunset Beach Ohana, because that is what you are. We appreciate you. Click here for pictures of our time. Later on tonight we had another concert this time it was at a youth night at The Way of Salvation Church in Honolulu. We have been there several times before, but never to the youth night. Well we did not know what we were missing. I can summarize it by saying, the anointing and presence of God is evident in this youth group. Most times the Youth love to have fun, but they at times lack depth. Finally here was one with both dynamics. Xania and Heather had asked us to come over and share and somehow we found a way to work it out. The praise and worship was so powerful we could have closed the meeting and gone home. What happened next was to be the highlight of the evening. A young man Joshua M Saris, comes to share his life story and I kid you not, I thought I was listening to Tony Montana from Scar face. He talked about things we only hear and see on the big screen. The difference was there was a major testimony behind it. I’m talking gang violence, sex, drugs, depression, jail, hate, vengeance, redemption, forgiveness, pain, overcoming and ultimately salvation and restoration of a family. I was glued to my seat as he shared scintillating details of his personal life. If you are a movie maker or you know of one, please look for Josh he has your next Oscar dominating script. This is a story that the world needs to hear of. Josh we honor you for the courage. By the time we came up, everyone’s heart was open to worship and praise God not only for Josh’s life but for the mercies we all received.  Hearts were tender and broken for the Lord as we got deep into worship and God just started working in everyone’s life. There was a sense of breakthrough as we came to a close by the time we were ending with Malibongwe there was just real and pure joy from God working inside out. This youth group made us realize that during such perilous times God has His remnant and if you doubt just go there and check out our friends there. Thanks to all that just loved on us and were so kind to us. The founder of the church is a close friend of Brother Morris Cerrullo, his name is brother Caneso an 96yr old guy who gives us a ran for our money with his age denying dance moves. We love that family and we will continue to come until you get fed up of us. Stephanie thanks for the pen and I don’t know if we can make it to your graduation but you and Candice should come to Kenya soon. Josh we love you and I pray and trust that when we come back the story will be of the continued victory remember “i'm still here”. Friends life isn’t easy and faith is not the denial of reality but it’s the acknowledging that God is greater than our reality and He will see us through and even if He does not we will still serve and love Him. Keep it real and pray for Josh and his now loving and great family. We got to meet most of them, even his mom Lisa and her husband Clem and what testimonies they have too. Let me stop I could go on and on. The pictures are nothing compared to what happened tonight, we can’t capture God’s presence we will let you imagine it, or search for it. Click here

Thu, 7, Wahiawa Middle School, Wahiawa HI.

Seldom will I be at loss of words after a concert, but I must admit that today I am. Ill get straight to the point. CRAAAAAZZZYYYYY, GREAT, AMAZING.  The venue was Wahiawa Middle School. It was a mad house but one that will not be easily forgotten. Let me bring youup to speed on how we got here. Last week while playing at the summer bash at Kualoa ranch, we met an amazing jump rope team. These girls are not only great and highly skilled they are just the most loving girls you will ever come across. Carol and I were totally dumbfounded by their death denying antics as the jumped not just one, but at times up to three ropes. They have incredible hearts and there was no way we could have resisted their cutest request for us to come to their school. They did not get it that easy though; as we made a deal that for us go to their school they would have to teach me some rope tricks. Now if you know anything about me, that’s the tallest order ever. Finding a needle in a haystack. But they say do not undermine the tenacity of a determined woman. In this case some very determined ladies. It took a combined effort of all the girls in the team and finally they did. Of course I felt 300 pounds lighter but I can actually do a trick or two. Courtesy of Toi, Rachel, Jackie, Tyler and Maya. We can’t forget Tori who joined the girls. As you can imagine we made it to the school but were not quite prepared for what was to befall us. I have never seen a school so exuberant so early in the morning. Needless to say our lovely jump rope team introduced us but not before exciting us with more of their evil kneviel moves. When we went on it was euphoria and wild screaming you could have thought we were some famous rock group. Long story short it was the most incredible time maybe of the whole tour thus far. Such love and joy is rare at this day and age and all that at a public school where we can’t “preach” but we shared with them our lives and culture and we believe that God touched someone’s life. Thereafter they showered us with all kinds of gifts, from Leis, Jump ropes, Chocolate and of course my personal favorite FOOD! They gave us so much food that “oh shucks is still in the car, I may need to go get it out and into the freezer before it goes bad”. We are very grateful to Ms Vivian and Ms Pati for their tireless effort in making the event a success. To the principal Dr Price, well you are still rhythmically challenged irrespective of having better African attire than us. Of course the girls are our hero’s; ladies when we grow up we want to be just like you. We love you so much and we dedicate today to you. Toi, Tyler, Maya, Jackie, Rachel and of course Tori. God bless and thanks for loving us so much we love you even more. Click here to see one of our best days ever.

Wed, 6, Hawaii Baptist Elementary, Calvary Chapel Aiea, Waikiki Beach, HI.

Today was one of those early mornings which none of us are particularly fond of. Oh well! we dragged ourselves out of the house and somehow we made it to Hawaii Baptist Academy. You might remember them from last week. This week we had the chance of playing for theelementary school. As the kids started trickling in, we forgot all about our early morning as the kids looked at us with exuberance of what to expect from these guys from Africa.  I can’t quite capture their expression but let’s just say that the look was priceless. Qualifies why Jesus said “the kingdom of God is for those who are like little kids” there is a lot to learn from them. We loved watching them dance to “turn it around” and “making melodies”. To Mr. Lokeridge, we are so grateful for the opportunity. Mrs. Rubi thanks for sharing your wonderful stories. Tina we appreciate your love and kindness. You need to come to Kenya and share the love. After the school it was off to running errands in and around the city. I must say that if you have Kaima with you there is no need of a navigation system. This brother is amazing at directions. He can literally tell you how to get to a place he has never been to before. No wonder one Pastor in Chicago many years ago referred to him as “the future and hope of Milele” Judge for yourselves whether this was a curse or a blessing. All that to say that we found all places we wanted to get to, via our human GPS system. That made sure that we got to Calvary Chapel at Aiea on time. We had a wonderful time there with the Pastors, Joe and James who shared the word. Of course the sound and video team at that place are always on point and we tip our hats to them for making us sound so good. We have been there many times before when Danny Layman held the Saturday night service, but it was the first mid-week service. We were blessed to be there, was nice to hang with the youth and share some great moments with a whole bunch of guys. Tina once again you came through with dinner and incredible testimonies of the kids you have taught and mentored. You are truly a gem to the Kingdom. Due to the efficiency of our human GPS, we found ourselves with enough time to go and hang out at the Waikiki beach so enjoy the pictures of our day today. Click here

Tue, 5, De Island of Oahu tour,

What beauty. Bob, Melodie, Amber and Benard thanks for a wonderful tour. Let it speak for itself. Click here.

Sun, 3, Calvary Chapel Wahiawa, and New Hope Leeward, HI.

Does God ever surprise you by doing some unplanned things and they turn out to be so rewarding. Well that was the case this Sunday morning at Calvary Chapel Wahiawa. We were not scheduled to visit them, but somehow God used Pastor Alan who welcomed us at a very short notice. What was just an impromptu arrangement somehow turned to be a major blessing for us and I believe for the members of the church. We went and lead worship, of course a little different from what they are used to, but we had a wonderful time. Pastor Alan shared from the word on prayer, on how we ought not to pray and how we should pray and the substance of our prayer. That was a much needed word for me, as I at times get caught up with the long sumptuous prayers instead of just pouring my heart to Abba father who knows my needs before I even ask of Him. We were certainly blessed and as much as we are on the road busy ministering it is always refreshing to hear a rhema word that is much needed. Thanks Al, your church though not as large is making a world of difference in Malawi and on behalf of the people there we extend our most heartfelt gratitude. Keep the “Faya” burning? Ray thanks for the pictures. Ki congrats on your new born baby Arin. Danny Glover your name reminds me more of Jesus than it does of the movie star, you are a shinning light, blessings on you. Afterwards one of our Kenyan buddies Glady took us to lunch at one of the most beautiful beaches. The Marriott in Ko-olina it is one of the most beautiful places in Hawaii. Thanks Glady, and since you decided to take Carol to your place with you. We kindly request you to hold on to her for a while so we can enjoy some male bonding time. Thereafter we headed to New Hope Leeward where we had a wonderful concert. It’s unbelievable what God does with those who are ready to hear Him. It was one of our better moments just sharing from our hearts and with all we have. Thanks Arlene and all those that attended will testify of the wonderful time we had with you. Harry thanks for introducing us to the ‘twenties’ ministry, it’s a wonderful initiative. Here are some pictures from our eventful Sunday. Click here.


Sat, 2, The Wave Bash, Kualoa Ranch, Hawaii.

The Wave Hawaii is synonymous with class, excellence and life changing. For the second year in a row, we have been invited to be part of it. It’s an amazing bash where teens and theyouth come and just have a day filled with activities and wonderful ministry, to cater fortheir rather energetic appetites. What makes it all the more special is the location where it has been held. Kualoa ranch, one of the most breathtaking places you will ever experience. It is beyond description and no picture can capture its capitulating grandeur. There were very exciting bands from all over including one that came all the way from Alaska. It was an amazing bash one that the kids will live to talk about. We believe that the Wave is soon becoming one of the most elite Christian events in the country and sooner than later you will hear of it all over this country. We believe there will be a Wave bash Nairobi or Africa. We are honored to be a part of from its inception and we have come to love and appreciate the organizers. Our most heartfelt gratitude go to all of you, but especially to Melodie and Bob Vega who hosted us at the Wave house, and apparently we are the first group to reside there since its renovation. The place has served as our home for the last two week and if you know anything about Kenyans they may never leave. Thanks guys, we love you and appreciate you for all the kindness you have afforded us, we believe God will richly bless you. Thanks for letting us use your car during our stay here. There are so many things to be grateful to you about; we can’t count all of them. We have especially loved just sharing some really nice moments around the house laughing and having fun, that speaks volumes about your hearts. God is not unjust to forget the labor of love. We captured some pictures at the ranch, courtesy of one Kuliaikapono, who by the way is an aspiring stand up comedian. Kulia “boomskikaboomshikaboom”.

Click here for pictures. We found some lost Kenyans in Hawaii; see if you can identify them. At the ranch there was one species of animal that we could not tell what it was, see if you can identify it by its legs. Send me an email if you deduce what animal that is.

Fri, 1, The FISH and TBN Hawaii Interviews, Down time, Hawaii.

It is rare that we get the chance to be on radio and TV here in the States, so be to on maybe the largest christian radio and television networks on the same day is a near impossibility, well at least until today morning.  The first was the Hawaii The FISH show with Dave and Kim inthe morning. We were there to promote and talk about the wave bash, in kualoa ranch on Saturday the 3rd of September. Bob and Melodie, our lovely hosts (more on them on a later update) got us there in a hurry, which is seldom in a rather slow paced Island. We went on air with other representatives from two other bands that are a part of the wave bash. The other guys were Lane from the band Penny Lane, and also Jordan from another band Aces. It was a great time of fun and just sharing what God is doing in all our lives, so much in common. We whetted people’s appetite on what to expect on Saturday which is……Well let’s wait and see. From there we dashed over to TBN Hawaii, where Cheryl and the crew were getting ready to go in for what was to me wonderful buffet of God working greatly, yet differently in so many peoples lives. First we were treated to comedy central, with Jonathan and his daughter Ana of the band Seven Simple Pieces. What joy and real true passion, they have an amazing testimony and it was so great to hear them share it with the audience. Then came a man who I believe is dynamite for the kingdom. Billy Gibson, he embodies what Christ does with those who are willing to open themselves fully to use the revelation God gives to them. He spoke eloquently and profoundly about shouting and claiming victory and how God is using a message and a book he has on the same. When we later met off camera we just sensed a mighty anointing on his life even as he shared with us and loved on us. Bro Gibson thanks and we will look you up when we come over to Plano. We went on after him and shared and on how God is using the “two fish and five loaves” He has placed in our hands to change the world one person at a time. It was an amazing time. I loved the fellowship time as we enjoyed some great food that Shelly had so graciously prepared. We are truly a great army equipped with every weapon and gift to wage a militant war against the devil and the works of darkness for such a time as this.Pastor Steve Zarriello from Open Door Church in Wahiawa was a great host, thanks for allowing God to use you in this way. Thanks Cheryl for the chance, enjoy and play the video’s let them bless the people in Hawaii. Africa is alive and ready to bring back the word that the missionaries once brought to us. Interesting dynamic there. Here are some pictures. For those who are wondering what we do during our down time, we have some pictures courtesy of one Carol Asali. Where in the world is Kaima? Guess!


August Gigs

Thu, 31, Hawaii Baptist Academy Chapels, Honolulu, HI

This school was the first of many chapels that we will attend while here in Hawaii. It was a great place. We were very warmly received by the Chaplin Rob a man of great passion whohas life oozing all over him. The first chapel was for the high school; of course you knowhow hard it is to get those teens moving especially early in the morning. All the same we had an okay response; the sound did not cooperate due to the reverb in the gymnasium. All the same we shared our hearts in song and it was good to see a handful getting into it although we know that even the ones who looked a little bored, were somehow touched. The other one for the juniors was special; they were really upbeat and enthusiastic, soaking up, the dances, chants, howling and anything else we involved them in. It’s amazing how we are that way with God as we grow older. The seniors were there but not fully engaged, the juniors were all upbeat. I can’t wait for the little kids. The highlight for me was Jessica a young girl in I think 7th grade who asked the Chaplin if she could share a testimony. What a message she had on getting a real “high” on Christ being excited at His things rather than the worldly “highs” we have cultivated. What a message for kids who at that at this age are tempted to engage in the crazy “highs” of the world. You go Jessica and all the best! Keep shining for Christ. We thank God for the others who helped us all morning. Especially the photographers, all the pictures below were taken by some lovely students, and I am yet to get others which I will share soon. We had a great time that we were invited again next week to share the same with the little kids. I can’t wait. Oh one more thing, Kaima was as animated as I have ever seen him in almost three years. That was at the second chapel where the sound was as good as it gets. Click here for pictures.

Sun, 27, One Love Ministries, Kaimuki HI

One love ministries touched our lives so much. After a busy weekend we had to make our way back to the West side of the Island to Kaimuki High School where they meet. The people atthe church are just the most loving. The auditorium is humongous and makes a wonderful place to host a concert. The event was dubbed "vespers" where they particularly direct it to the A.C.T.S. For those who are wondering what that means, its simply an acronym for Adoration, Confession, Thanks giving and Supplication. Our conert was tailored around that theme, so after every segment we would together spend time doing one of the above. We loved it alot as it gave a sense of to quote Waxter the Pastor "a big family meeting in a big Auditorium". It was powerful. We especially loved it when the entire family came around us and just blessed us in prayer. We appreciated that so much as we were tired and we needed the coporate prayer of the body of Christ. Truly we are one. Simunye. Thanks Waxter for the opportunity. Isaac will be with us next time. Carol where are the pictures, maybe she was busy taking other vain pictures. What is with women and pictures?

Sat, 26, Sun 27,   "The Bridge" North shore Christian Fellowship, Haleiwa,HI

We finally got a chance to head out North of the Island and our voyage lead us to a wonderful country experience. The North shore resembles Kenya so much that at some moments Carol was nostalgic as she reminisced her travels to nyaribari chache! up country in Kenya as ayoung girl. We got some intresting directions from our wonderful friend Trip Turner who figured that we needed a tour of the entire island before he got us to the event. We really enjoyed the whole concept of "the bridge" as it is known. It is a wonderful way of drawing the community without intimidating them by advertising a church meeting. So they meet at a school for an "evening concert" and of course when you get there they share the word of God. It was a great evening of fun, music, the word, and of course some very nice burgers. We somehow got another camera so you can see what happened. The next morning we were up early to be at both the 8 and 10am services. Pastor Mike Stangel tore it up, and by that i mean the word. It was great to share some music with some very stoic houli's as they tease them here, We enjoyed the time at the North shore and we are sure to come back soon. Trip thanks for all your help we appreciate the work and hospitality. Come to Kenya we have some good surf waves. click here for pictures

Fri, 25, Su Gran Alabanza (His Highest Praise), Honolulu HI

We have enjoyed a long standing relationship with Pastor Brian Mauricio and thecongregation at Su Gran, and we were honored to visit them again and begin our Hawaii tour with them. Thanks to one Carol the first woman to make it on an Milele tour, we do not

have some pictures. For some reason she decided that she did not want any more vain pictures of her toes, nails and etc so she opted to break it. All the same we had a wonderful time as we always appreciate them handing over the entire program of the evening to us. We love you guys and see you soon. I promise next time we wont let Carol use the camera, be sure to see  some pictures. Thanks.

Thu, 24, Los Angeles International Airport CA

So today we depart for guess where? try again, what is the one part of the world that

honeymooners love to get away to? Yes yipee!! sunny and beautiful Aloha and Mahalo country Hawaii. Only that this time it has nothing to do with getting a sun tan, or enjoying romantic walks, by the white sandy beach, rather we are going to "suffer for Christ" as we minister in the land of lei's. Pray for us.Cick here to view pictures. 

Mon., 07, The Rock Church, Calabasas CA

This past weekend, we had the priviledge of leading worship at a lovely church in Calabasas California. The Rock Church is a wonderful place and has one of the most excitable Pastors I'

ve ever seen in Steve and Kerri Ridinger. The worship moment was special as we enjoyed a fusion of contemporary and African worship music, something I think we would love to venture in a little more. It's special. The air up in Calabasas is a little different, no need for air conditioning as its as fresh as it gets up there. We loved every moment of it. Pastor Steve's message on Saul was exceptional, we all reffered to some important nuggets you brought out of his life. Thanks for being a blessing to us in more ways than one. Thanks to Catherine my blood sister, Rachel and Judy a wonderful worship leader who is a part of Milele, and of course your regulars Carol and Kaima who joined us for the service. Kerri, the Pastor's wife noted that they have always wanted to do something with orphans in Africa and that our being there renewed their commitment. Kerri you know where to get us, we can assist where necessary. God bless you all. Click Here to view some pictures.


July Gigs

July 10 - 22: Ordinary Women, Kiminini Kenya

For those of us who have at one time or another been a part of a mission or outreach,we all know the importance of planning and having it all laid out before hand. Its usually very important to see the end from the beginning. Well what you areabout to see from the following pictures is a complete opposite of that and utimately a result that none of us could have ever imagined. It is what you call a total God thing.

Just to assist I'll highlight a few things. "Ordinary Women" are the main people, you may see some of them because they really stand out, literally. Most of them are fromSaddleback Church the purpose driven Church in South Orange County California. There is also Milele or rather some resemblance of them. There is Pastor Shadrack Barasa a fireball for Jesus, who's biggest  thing was... "even a brother like this, with dreadlocks can love Jesus with his whole heart and so we ought to embrace them as they are." There is a guy called Rufftone a ragga musician from Nairobi who stole the hearts of the people in this village that there was no further need of "milele band from USA". Notice Neema a kora award winner "african version of a grammy" see how down to earth and neatly she mingles with the wonderful people of this place. How many car problems do you see?? How many flat tires do you notice??? Notice the grand water tank that Ordinary Women helped put up. How do you like the freeways....quite free aint they? How about the grand center stage and the crowd, do you see a whole group of orphans singing their hearts out, how about the African kid with blue eyes, thats not natural he is seriously sick and there for the medical clinic that Ordinary Women facilitated. Notice sister Frieda the mother Teresa of this village, no words to describe her. Notice the beauty of Kenya especially out of the cities, dont you want to retire there. See the beautiful place where we were hosted. Brittanys House. Notice Jege and Astar some two budding Kenyan musicians who are the next big thing and my hero's of the trip. Then lastly and most definetly not the least, do you notice the the real hero's and the ones who made the whole trip a success, everybody from one of the best places on earth Kiminini a little village near Kitale in Western Kenya but the greatest people on earth I dare say that. Happy viewing let the pictures speak to you and please dont hesitate to ask any questions about this trip we were a part of. From July 10th to the 22nd of July 2006. Nothing went according to our planning. He had better things in store. OWI, Jege, Astar, Dj Moz, Neema, Rufftone thanks for blessing our lives you are truly the greatest, by being servants. Click Here for the pictures.


Here is an email from one of the "Ordinary Women"

How AWESOME was Kiminini!!!! Thank you sooooo much for being there and bringing your friends! You started something profoundly new there. Pastor Shadrack saw how excited the folks were about your music and realized that younger generations can be won for Christ with modern styles. He will be starting a new worship venue with hip-hop/ rap music services!!! This is something unheard of in those parts. The evening service on Sunday in Kiminini was very powerful. I felt the presence of the Almighty the way I had never before. The power bigger than can be really comprehended was upon us. It surely was a wow experience!

This trip was a very fruitful one. Out of my initiative that local churches would unite to produce the crusade and work together to "attack" the orphan issues among other things, was born a monthly pastors' meeting. They said that they had silently hoped for the co-operation with other churches, but no-one had stepped forward to lead until pastor Shadrack contacted them and spearheaded the crusade and pastors' monthly meetings. At the Orphan Forum they were very receptive and would start an orphan register at each church to map out the needs within each church area.

The Women's Conference had 786 women, all very excited. The HIV/AIDS seminar went really well and our Kiminini sisters will continue teaching our curriculum in nearby communities, and so will the pastors from Tanzania and Uganda.

I just got an email from Bishop Joshua from Tanzania. He would really like us to plan a t

rip there. It was such a miracle that I ran into Sammy. He did not know about us being in town. I did not know he rapped. Yet, he ended up spending the day with us, giving his testimony at the first service, rapping at the crusade, meeting you guys and making connections.

There are so many wonderful things about the trip, it'll take some time to process it all. Can't wait to see the pictures. Talking about pictures, you took a few. When can we see them?

Praising God for all He has done!


June Gigs


June 24 - July 2: East Coast Tour

For the past three years we have been going on the road for at least two months everysummer. A new day is dawning and no one seems to be complaining. Thissummer we decided that due to the aging factor on some of our members we opted to be touring in two week blocks. This East Coast Tour was the first one and we got to visit Maryland, Virginia and D.C. We had a wonderful time but thanks to the one member who is aging faster than the others.. one Christian Mungai, we have no pictures because he conveniently chose to forget the camera so he has to use his weary mind to help you catch a visual of  what it was like.
We started out in D.C at an anniversary of a ministry known as jamii. Imagine a brother and a sister who are born and raised in one of the biggest slums in the world - Kibera in Kenya. Due to the hardship there they work so hard and with God's blessings they make in and somehow find themselves in America. Consequently they decide to go back and assist others like them who are in that same desolate situation. That is how i would summarize Jamii International Outreach Ministries, a powerful ministry that is hosted by Immanuel's Church in Silver Spring Maryland. We were blessed to be a part of their second year anniversary and our deepest gratitude goes to Maurice Kinyanjui founder of Jamii for inviting us. We are humbled by what you are doing for our people in the slums, lets continue to work together to share the love of Christ to a needy world.  

From there we went to a dynamic Church called Word of LIfe where Pastor Wendel and his staff received us very well. We had a wonderful time in their Sunday morning service and had a great time of African worship from various artists including ourselves that night. We Africans are truly blessed with a certain expression of joy and gratitude that is inhibited and i believe it stems from all the hardships we have experienced in our respective countries. This was evident as the various groups ministered in song. We were there late in the night talking to all our wonderful new found friends. God bless you and we love you.  

Thereafter we had the privilege of ministering to the Kenya Christian Fellowship in America D.C Chapter. Though we were not there for long, being in between concerts, there was a real presence of God as we shared in song to a handful of people. We thank you for the opportunity you gave us to be with you.  

You would think that after a busy weekend we would have an more relaxed week, not in Maryland... two days after our first experience at Immanuel Church we happened to be invited back for a Pan-African conference that was hosted by the Pastors Charles Schmitt and Guy Carey, and oh what a powerful time. Due to some serious flooding the chances of us making it there grew bleak as time went, but almost 3hrs later we covered the distance of just 30 miles and made in the nick of time. There was such a release and ease of worship that night and the speaker a wonderful preacher from Kenya Bishop Rutivi blessed us with a wonderful message. Truly we never know what and how the Spirit of God will lead, at times we just have to yield. We had never met Bishop Rutivi before, yet we are from the same country but oh what and eloquent speaker bringing the word with such precision. The church members were also very warm and welcoming and Pastor Guy was so kind to ask of us to come back again. We are grateful to Immanuel's for hosting a wonderful conference which brought many of us from Africa together under the roof of our American brothers and sisters and letting us do it how we do it back home.  

On the following weekend we went to James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia where the Kenya Christian Fellowship in America hold their annual Conference. We have been a part of the conferences since 2001 and what a delight to be among over 1000 Kenyans every year and spend a weekend worshiping God together. This year was amazing as we started by having fun with the kids who have a very different perspective on life. Most of the kids are born in America to Kenyan parents and the relationship therein is very interesting. We got to sing and dance with the kids but the climax was when we made the kids have a dance competition, truly the kingdom of God is for those who are childlike. They let go and let God literally. The following day we ministered to the adults and challenged many by taking them back to the needs in our own country and how we are trying using the little we have to make a dent in curbing some of our problems. It was a wonderful time of reflecting on where God has brought us from and what we can do, since we have received the blessing of being in this country.

After our ministry time at KCFA, we drove in the wee hours of the morning from Harrisonburg, VA to Baltimore, MD where we were scheduled to have be at Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church.  Hilda Gore a long time friend had made it possible for us to be there, and we were much obliged. We had to knock at our hosts home at about 3am and I'm sure they were okay with it after all its "those Kenyans". All things considered we had a wonderful time, the message that Sunday By Rev Shoener the Senior Pastor was right on point in regards to Independence day which was soon approaching. We have come to admire the patriotism in this country if only we from Africa could tap even half of that passion, Africa would be a different place. There is a lesson for me and my fellow Africans. We thank Hilda and the staff and our host Steve and his family for understanding the Kenyans.  

Our last concert of the trip was in Richmond, Virginia at a wonderful and beautiful

sanctuary called Faith Landmarks. Isaac of formerly Limit X has had a long standing relationship with Pastors Randy and Cherie Gilbert and the Church. We were treated to some very royal welcome, from well laid out green room, to some very detail oriented hosting like body guards and ushers just to make sure we had everything we needed. Needless to say after such treatment it was only fair to leave everything you had on stage despite being a little tired from the busy schedule. We had tons of fun. I wish all of you could see the video. What was apparent was the heart for missions that the church has. They go to Kenya every year for crusades and many members know much about our country for that we are grateful. I almost caused an upheveal when he tossed a cd and some kids went crazy trying to get hold of it. All in all we had a blessed time and it was so great to see some young people come forth and ask Jesus into their hearts. We thank all those who made our trip to the East Coast a success. I wish we could remember all their names but you know and God knows so we ask Him to bless you He who never forgets. Next time we will have the camera I will delagate it to Kaima... What does he do anyway? I dont see him on stage anymore, maybe he could carry the camera.


Sun., 04 - Blessing of the Shoes - Orange County AIDS Walk, CA

Coming from a continent that is devastated by AIDS it is sometimes hard to perceive that the same pandemic would be prevalent here in America. It takes me by suprise when I realize that almost one million people in America are HIV positive. With these numbers continuing to escalate daily, the need to raise awareness has become essential. The Orange County AIDS Walk is one of the forums that has been created to raise funds for this cause in Orange County California. This annual event has attracted over 10,000 and raises almost $1,000,000. Milele has been privileged to be invited to the event for the last three years. Ever since a Rabbi who was attending the opening prayer said "this is the music we need to start of the walk" we have been invited back.This year was no different, we got a chance to start off the walk as we were praying and blessing the shoes for the participants. The best part for me was seeing a Native Indian priest, a muslim sheik, a buddist priest, a rabbi, a bahi chanter, all joining hands and together singing the Milele song Simunye "we are one heart, one church, we can change the world Simunye" meaning we are one. Our prayer is that we can put aside our differences and come together in love to show love to a dying world. There is no greater love than a man lay down his life for his brother. Jesus did that for us, so we can share that with a dying and needy world, even in the affluent Orange County. Ty Rose and team, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in this most noble cause. Click Here to view some pictures. Notice Vicky Vargas NBC anchor here in Orange County singing Simunye.


May Gigs

Wed., 31 - World Vision International Chapel, Monrovia, CA

i always get a little antsy when we visit World Vision, majorly because I wonder what to tell these guys about pain and suffering that they probably dont know about. So we just opt to make them dance and loosen up. Its always fun to be at those chapels. Sadly our photographer Kaima was at large when we went there, but i think the guys at WVI must have locked him in a certain room so he does not capture them trying to do what only resembled someone fighting some fire ants and calling it dancing. We wont mention any names Mr Allister.  
We had a wonderful time especially when Isaac shared a song he wrote about the"Invisible Children" in Northen Uganda where World Vision is working so hard to assist. We need to stand together and make sure that we do not ignore other genocides that may be taking place in the world. Isaac thanks for penning a song in that regard. If you know anyone who may be willing to use the song to bring awareness please dont hesitate to contact us. Thanks WVI for all that you are doing, its people just like us you are saving. Blessings and we will see you soon. Please get some dance classes before we get there. Elaine send that memo to the entire staff.


Tue., 23 - La Canada Presbyterian Church, C
La Canad Pres. has been a church that has largley supported two of Milele's parents ministries. These are Shepherd's Home by Dr, Mac and Nelly Kiiru, and Oasis Africa Dr's Gershon and Gladys Mwit, who are Harry and Kaima's parents respectively. On this day we had an opportunity to visit with them on a Tuesday (who meets on Tuesdays?)..... women from La Canada Pres. only.
A group from the church is preparing for a mission trip to visit Shepherd's Home and we were blessed to be part of their send off gathering for the women. We wish them all the best and thank them for taking the time to go out there to assist not only our parents but the wonderful kids. Sheila Crabtree was a special favorite for hosting us in her breathtaking beautiful home on the hilside that made us almost get very comfortable and move in. Kenyans are notorious for overstaying their welcome, although in this case we were joined by Isaac and his family from Uganda. His kids especially had a wonderful time trying to learn how to swim in the jacuzzi, see where the Kenyans swim. Thanks Shiela you were a blessing to us. Click Here to view pictures of our visit.


Sat., 20 - Ordinary Women's Fundraiser, Laguna Beach CA

Ever heard of Ordinary Women, who have extra-ordinary hearts? There is a group ofwomen from South Orange County who have left their comforatable hubs and gone to Kenya to a little village called Kiminini and have been digging wells in this village making a huge impact on the local people. We have been blessed in partnering with these most amazing women in fundrasing and awareness and on this day we were part of their fundraiser.
Pastor Shadrack Barasa from Kiminini is their local contact and they made it possible for him to be there and talk about one who is on real FAYA for God. He wants us to go and have a one week revival concert in their area and he said he will plan it his heart for the lost and needy is unmatched and we ask that you pray for him and the group in Kiminini, also pray that our planned trip with Ordinary women to Kitale in mid July will come to pass. Kudos to you ladies you have helped change our people and for that we are eternally grateful. Click Here to view pictures of the event.


Fri., 19 - 2006 MissionFest, Ontario Ca
MissionFest SOCAL is an initiative to bring all local churches together to network in the mission arena. This year it was held at the Ontario Convention Center. We got there in time to see Luke Owen and Kate Hudson who were shooting a movie. I wish they stayed for the missionFest..... what an imapct that would have been.... enough of my fantasies with celebs. We got to share with the many who were there and we were blown away at the myriads of missions ventures there are. We are humbled to be part of a great multitude of servants in these last days. Congrats to the organizers and hopefully we will get to attend the Canada one which usually hosts over 35,000 delegates. We are the fruit of many who have labored and here we are co-laboring with them. God surely has a sense of humor, or is it destiny? Click Here to view pictures of the event.


April 30 and May 13 - The Passing  Kanjii and Harry's Weddings!!!
It is with great joy and sadness Milele announces the passing on of two of ourmembers. With a mighty swathe of the Grim Reaper's scythe, Milele has been reduced to a mere two men. Our beloved brothers have passed on into the land of our forefathers, into the land where few have gone & even fewer return. We bid them well on their journey and we pray that in their afterlife, Harry's and Kanjii's joy will abound. Click Here to view the passing.



April Gigs

Wed., 26 - Christ's Church of the Valley, San Dimas, CA

Christ's Church of the Valley is a church we are getting to build a rapport with and on this day we had the chance of being featured during their global outreach dinner. Typically you expect to see some of the older folk at such at event, well not in this very pro-active, forward thinking church. It was a bunch of young people mostly high schoolers who had energy from here to Kenya. It was the first time in all our years here in America that we saw them get

intowhat we call a "zion train" where you hold each others shoulders and form a train that went all around the church while we were singing. It was an incredible night and we look forward to more of these. Thanks Erin Thorp for inviting us, bring those crazy kids to Kenya sometime to see where the train started.


Tue., 25 - South Hills Academy, West Covina, CA
We have had a wonderful relationship with South Hills Academy in West Covina, those kidslove to dance and especially to Milele music, they continue to buy our music over and over again i wonder if they realise its the same music they bought last time, not that we are complaining but you get the drift. It was amazing to see one of the kids from that school win an award on the Oprah Show when she had 50 students showcased for their essays on the holoquast. Kudo's to you and all the best to those at South Hills, our camera failed us so we dont have any pictures, i know we will be there soon so hang in there.



Sun., 23 - Epic Church, Fullerton CA

We've developed such a great relationship with Epic Church over the last five years. We had ablast in their new facility with big, big, big sound.....and to be part of what God is doing in the life of Epic. One of the things that I love about Epic is that they pray for us every time we visit them. Click Here to view pictures of our visit.

Sat., 08 - I Can Fly Anniversary, Los Angeles CA

On Saturday the 8th of April, Milele had the honor of being part of I Can Fly International'sAnniversary, an American based Non-Profit organization that seeks to raise support for children in Machakos, Kenya. The event held in downtown Los Angeles was excellent with great food, great music and of course, great ministry. The president and founder Sha' Givens explains that to be great, one needs to think great. Kudos to you Sha'. Click Here to view pictures of the event.

Sun., 02 - Spirit of Joy, Glendora and Praise Chapel, Fullerton CA

We have had a longstanding relationship with Spirit of Joy Church in Glendora, CA, andPraise Chapel in Fullerton. It’s one of those places where even after ten years (at least itfeels like it’s been that long), there is still so much excitement.

This weekend we had the privilege of going back there and had a wonderful time as always. The thing that stood out for me was the willingness of the Pastors at these churches to let us

take full control of the services. This is a rarity, and such a great honor that someone would trust us with their pulpit and congregation with the hope and confidence that all would be well. Aside from the crazy dancing, screaming, shouting, rolling, speaking in Swahili, learning native ways of calling kids, laughing, somersaults, back flips, jumping over railings, and running around the church, everything is very normal. Appeal to pastors: if you want some “normal” services like we experienced this weekend, please contact us.

We appreciate all the support from these longtime friends. We have been honored to travel and visit many churches, but we always are extremely appreciative of churches like these who started this journey with us. We may have never gotten where we are if it were not for you opening up your doors to us and for that we are eternally grateful.

For those who might be looking for Milele T-shirts, you can get them through our Milele online store (or from Pastor Fernando of Praise Chapel who came to the table and asked for all the t-shirts!). I hear he is giving them out for free to anyone who asks, so rush and call him while stock lasts. Click Here for some pics from this Sunday.

March Gigs

Sat. & Sun., 11 & 12 - South Valley Christian Church, San Jose CA

We've been to a lot of mission-minded churches and I think that this one tops themall,especially for their size. For the last nine years, they have provided one meal a day toapproximately 1000 people in Ethiopia...cost of doing this = $40,000 a year. They have also made many trips to this region including Kenya. It was truly a blessing being in the presence
of people like these who have given sacrificially. By the way, this church's congregation is about 1500 people. Way to go, South Valley Christian Church!! Click Here to view some pictures of our visit.

February Gigs

Wisconsin Tour.

A week after these guys got back from Kenya we toured my new home state for ten days."Thefollowing events take place between the hours of 5:00 pm, Friday, February 3rd and 11:30 pm, Sunday, February 12th." (I've been watching too much 24 and just incase you didn't notice in the pictures of the Kenya tour, that was Keifer Sutherland with Christian. Why does he get to meet all the cool guys???? On this tour we got to see a Chris Tomlin Concert, played at three churches, two coffee houses and one school, drove about 1000 miles,

consumed 50 bottles of water, 200 cups of coffee and 30 meals. Click Here to see all of that.

January Gig

Kenya Tour

It always great to be in Kenya, to see family, to see friends, to smell diesel, to feel the sunand of course to eat the non-processed food. Click Here to view some pictures that journal our December trip to Kenya that saw us spearhead a campaign to inspire Kenyans to take care of

their own famine-stricken citizens and support children orphaned by HIV AIDS.

Thur., 5 - East African Standard Newspaper

Happy New Year everybody!!!!!!!!
Here is a link to an article published in Kenya today. Click Here.


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