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November Gigs

November 7th-8th, Scottsdale Bible Church, Scottsdale, AZ.

Celebrating missionaries with SBCAZ during their Missions Festival was great more so because we travelled with our live band. Click here for photos.


October Gigs

October 23rd, 25th, Crossroads Bible Church San Jose, CA.

CBC had a great outreach weekend and as always, the Nandas were a blast. And the food on Friday and Sunday afternoon was too good to be true. We love you CBC! Click here for photos.



September Gigs

September 5th & 6th, Scottsdale Bible Church , Scottsdale, AZ.

We drove to Arizona and met wonderful people. Kim Larson was a wonderful hostess and Jamie Rasmussen had a great message. We are looking forward to be back in November. Click here for photographs.


May Gigs

May 31st, South Bay Church of God, Los Angeles, CA.

Great multi-racial church. We had a blast.

May 17th, Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA.

Milele got to teach the Bel Air congregants some African moves during their mission Sunday. For a Presbyterian church, they really got down. & in addition, the church has one of the best sounding sound systems we have heard in a long time from any church. Yeah for Presbyterians!


May 2nd, Discover The World

We were asked to provide a little entertainment for Discover the World. It was great.


April Gigs

Wednesday 22nd, Chino Christian School

The Chino Valley Christian School kids are great!!!.


Wednesday 8th, Chino Christian School

We were asked to play for the great kids at Chino Valley Christian School & it was a blast. Sharing about the Milele Home Project was especially moving.



March Gigs

March 13th, Team World Vision

Under the auspisces of Team World Vision, Jessica Congelliere put together a fundraiser that would assist in the purchase of bicycles for the poor in Africa. The bold plan is to help the poverty stricken by creating accesibility to healthcare & markets by providing a cheap way of transportation. Jessica was a wonderful hostess & the event a great success. To date, Team World Vision has bikes for Africa has raised over $200,000. Click here for photos.

March 2nd-14th, Mariners Church Irvine

For the first two weeks of March, mariners hosted the Global week in which Mariners missionaries based all over the world spoke on their experiences, their struggles, faailures and successes. The keynote speaker was Oscar Muriu from Nairobi Chapel. Milele had the privelege of sharing our music and getting people of their feet. Click here for photos.

January Gigs

December 17th 2008-January 15th 2009, Kenya East Africa

We travelled to Kenya not only to partner with our band-mate Kanjii's CD launch, but to share our Milele Homes Project with the congregation of our home church, Mavuno. We also managed to sneak away for a week & entertain ourselves on Kenya's beuatiful coast. Around five pounds of weight were garnered per person in as many days. Click here for photos of Mileleans & friends frolicking in wretched debauchery.


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