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Congratulations to Our Lease-to-Own Customer

Join us in celebrating our lease-to-own customer who recently purchased a car through our in-house auto financing initiative. We extend our heartfelt congratulations as they take the exciting step towards owning their dream. We’re delighted to be a part of your journey.

Milele Lease-to-Own program is an in-house financing program designed to offer our customers a flexible and accessible pathway to car ownership.

With our program, you can bring home the car of your dreams while enjoying manageable monthly instalment plans. Our transparent terms include competitive interest rates, customizable lease durations, and straightforward options for ownership transfer at the end of the term.

Whether you’re interested in a stylish sedan or a sturdy SUV, Milele is dedicated to turning your automotive dreams into reality. Discover the pleasure of driving a new vehicle with the convenience of our instalment plans, tailored to meet your individual needs.