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Milele Awards: First Integrity Excellence Award to Muhammad Tayyab

At Milele, integrity is more than just a word in our corporate policy – it’s a value that guides everything we do. Recently, we recognized an individual who extraordinarily exemplified this principle. Muhammad Tayyab, a valued team member, was awarded the first-ever Integrity Excellence Award. Muhammad demonstrated remarkable courage and ethical leadership by highlighting vital issues under the Whistleblower Act. His actions served as a catalyst in identifying and resolving potential challenges, thereby safeguarding our company’s reputation and performance. To show our gratitude, CEO Feroz Riaz presented Muhammad with an award of AED 1,000 and the Integrity Excellence Certificate. Whistleblowing is an essential element in a transparent corporate environment. Muhammad’s bravery exemplifies the culture we aim to foster at Milele – where every voice matters, and everyone has a role to play in maintaining an ethical workplace. We are proud to introduce an ongoing “Integrity Award” program to celebrate such acts of courage and honesty. Employees can report unethical conduct, fraud, or conflicts of interest directly to our Human Resources department, with the assurance of strict confidentiality and no retaliation. Muhammad Tayyab has set a high standard for being an ethical leader at Milele. We encourage all employees to embrace this spirit and contribute to a culture of integrity and transparency. As an organization, we are committed to upholding ethical standards and recognizing those who demonstrate exceptional integrity.