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Milele Reaches Out to Africa: Door to Door

Recently, Milele embarked on an exciting journey across African countries with a mission to showcase Milele’s competencies and our multi-brand product basket of mobility solutions, and to unveil our innovative new service, Milele Door to Door.

At Milele, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just vehicles; we deliver solutions. With Milele Door to Door, we are taking this commitment one step further by bringing cars directly to our customers’ doorsteps. Our goal is to make the process of acquiring a vehicle as seamless and convenient as possible.

During our visit to African countries, we had the opportunity to engage directly with a wide range of stakeholders. This included government sectors, NGOs, international organizations, automotive dealerships, clearing and forwarding agencies, private individuals, and various private sector entities.

Our first stop was Nigeria. Here, Milele’s delegation met with esteemed officials including the Chairman of the Committee of Housing and Habitat, the Speaker of the Nigerian National Legislative Assembly, and the Governor of Katsina State, among others. Discussions ranged from economic reforms to procurement strategies, emphasizing Milele’s commitment to shaping the future of mobility in Africa’s most populous nation.

Next stop was Benin. We engaged with key figures in Benin’s economic landscape, including the Minister of Economy and Finance and the Director of Commercial Operations at Cotonou Ports. The aim? To forge strategic partnerships and explore avenues for expanding Milele’s dealership network. Additionally, fruitful discussions with prominent business leaders laid the groundwork for exciting dealership opportunities.

From there, we went to Congo Brazzaville. Milele’s meeting with the President’s son and top officials from the Ministry of Economy and Finance signalled a promising partnership for growth. The emphasis on economic empowerment and infrastructural development resonated deeply with Milele’s mission to provide accessible mobility solutions across Africa.

Crossing borders into Ivory Coast, Milele engaged in fruitful dialogues with government officials, business leaders, and the local ambassador of Benin. This collaborative effort underscores Milele’s commitment to fostering regional integration and leveraging local expertise to deliver unparalleled services to customers.

Next were Ghana and Gabon. Milele continued its trailblazing journey, meeting with industry giants in Gabon. By establishing Milele dealerships and offering door-to-door services, these partnerships are set to redefine the automotive landscape in West Africa.

Our interactions during this trip were focused on offering cost-effective and efficient mobility solutions directly to our customers’ doorsteps—literally, “Door to Door.” We believe that by reaching out to our customers in this way, we can better understand their needs and provide tailored solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

At Milele, we believe that mobility should not be a challenge—it should be a solution. With Milele Door to Door, we are making this vision a reality. Our recent business trip across African countries was just the beginning. We are more than ready to extend our reach and provide cost-effective and efficient mobility solutions to our customers, right at their doorsteps.

As a multi-brand dealership, Milele is committed to catering to every aspect of our customers’ mobility needs. Whether you are an individual looking for your dream car or a business in need of a fleet solution, you can trust Milele to deliver. With Milele Door to Door, we promise to reach our customers wherever they are, making their dreams of owning a vehicle a reality.

Thank you for choosing Milele. Wherever you are, we will reach you.

And the journey continues on ….