Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover

The perceived quality and plush feel of the Discovery Sport deserves a special mention. And Great driving position, too: elevated and commanding, with clear sight lines and an assertive sense.

One of my most treasured possessions as a youngster was a 1:24  scale model of a three-door Land Rover Freelander. It was simply fantastic, replete with a removable rear top that was true to the configuration of the real deal.

It almost mimics the sensation you get from the other and larger vehicles in the line-up, especially with its chunky steering wheel and substantial door sill ledges.

Looking at the price list, there is no mystery as to why the Discovery Sport sells in such modest numbers. For a smidgen more, buyers can have the added appeal of Range Rover ownership in the form of the Evoke.

What was glaringly different on the inside was the extent to which the cabin has been digitized.


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